Occupations and their Quests! 2 development-friendly ideas.

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Occupations and their Quests! 2 development-friendly ideas.

Post by Hacklyn2 » 27 Apr 2017, 12:42

I suggest adding
  • firewood,
    wheat, barley, rye,
    raw meat,

so we can go farming, fishing, hunting, baking, etc.

I have two ideas for this:
1. The more development way: The first is we could even bake using a room full of ovens, or we could fry fish on stoves and so on.
2. The less development way: Basically it would work like a spell. You use the firewood on the fish to get fish fry. This wouldn't be limited to wizards. So it would even solve the issue that there's nothing to do with the magic bar in the beginning!

Quests would be from Inns demanding random ingredients or produce.

We could even make Chocolate! My only request is that 'seeds' do NOT come from monsters...

P.S.: So maybe this Christmas we could learn how to make our own presents ourselves!
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Re: Occupations and their Quests! 2 development-friendly id

Post by WildX » 28 Apr 2017, 15:15

Lucky you, crafting professions are already being planned! :D
Hacklyn2 wrote:We could even make Chocolate!
Now we're talking.
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