[LEGACY] Making changes that affect game balance

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[LEGACY] Making changes that affect game balance

Post by gumi » 07 Mar 2018, 03:01

If you would like to request a modification in the game (Legacy) that would affect game balance, please make a poll in this subsection. For changes in the new (unreleased) game please instead open an issue on GitLab.

This includes but is not limited to:
  • minimum level to do a quest
  • amount of items/gp required to do a quest
  • rewards for finishing a quest
  • amount of gp required to purchase an item from a shop
  • monster stats (hp, strength, defense, ...)
  • monster drop items and drop rates
  • item value, weight, stats
The procedure is similar to the one for electing GMs:

I will do my best to honor any reasonable request that meet those requirements:
  • the poll should be a simple yes/no question about a single topic. If you want to change many things please make more polls
  • the poll needs to have at least 15 votes
  • 69% or more of said votes (rounded upwards) must approve the motion. For the minimal threshold of 15 votes this means at least 11 in favor
  • the poll has to run for at least 30 days, to give everyone a chance to vote
Terms and conditions:
  • The minimal threshold of 15 votes may be increased or decreased at any time, depending on the amount of active players in-game.
  • If the requested change is not possible because of technical limitations in the game engine or client, the poll will be closed.
  • If the requested change would take an absurdly long amount of time to accomplish (ie: having to entirely rewrite a quest) the poll will be closed.
  • Any motion that passes the popular vote may still be vetoed by an administrator.
  • It is possible to revert a previously adopted motion by opening a new poll.
  • Sockpuppeting will be detected and all accounts, including the master's one will be banned forever without warning. There is one vote per person, and a person means a human being not a forum account.

I hope this brings more power in the hands of the community. :D

P.S.- for request that do not affect game balance, a simple majority is enough

For reference, here is some ideas that I have heard over the past few months that could be made possible with a poll:
  • removing the towel system and bringing back the respawn-at-menhir system
  • making Kaizei (the snow continent) a high-level zone, with harder mobs and better rewards, to make it more attractive for players with level 80+
  • bringing back the old (2014) version of Tonori (the desert continent), or bringing back an even older version, with or without the land bridge
  • increasing the level cap beyong 99, or, from 99, allowing to start over from level 1 with a permanent stat buff
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Re: Making changes that affect game balance

Post by gumi » 20 Apr 2018, 00:58

List of motions

18.001: making undead drops buyable [pending]
18.002: increasing the drop rate of crypt rewards [pending]
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Re: [LEGACY] Making changes that affect game balance

Post by HaloNott » 03 Aug 2019, 16:50


I fixed everything! :mrgreen: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=20748
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