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Ban He GM Bot

Posted: 12 Nov 2006, 14:26

i nedd to say more?

Posted: 12 Nov 2006, 15:02
by mangamaniac
there's no sign of him being a bot.

do you have any proofs?

Posted: 12 Nov 2006, 15:15
by Matt
Let's bam D2Archer, he is a internet pirate and steals movies and stuff (look at his hat!)

lol :lol:

Posted: 12 Nov 2006, 15:38
agree with Matt :shock:

Posted: 12 Nov 2006, 15:50
by Quiche_on_a_leash
How do you go about "bam"ing some one :P

Any way he needs an eye patch, parrot and a wodden leg to be a priate. :D

I'm not a Bot :)

Posted: 12 Nov 2006, 20:53
by BugBott
Hello Peoples,
i am not a Bot!
My Nickname is randomly similarity to the word Bot. Therefore i be not a Bot. (And the Bug in the Name is ditto a Random)
I know, my English is terrible.
I'm ditto from Germany ^^

BugBott the Evil Bot ^^

Posted: 13 Nov 2006, 22:03
i have buy the hat from ElfO dA Noite or somethng like...

Posted: 16 Nov 2006, 03:00
by BadMrBox
I hope you are joking D2ARCHER. If you do, you are not funny. I you aren't, you are sad.