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Miscellaneous ideas

Posted: 30 Sep 2020, 22:19
by ksso


/ a map or a room (may be with the table and beers) where is like a public chat and the words are displayed randomly through all the screen, peoples could modify colour, size to certain limit, speed of showing, etc (the text runs in reading direction) (optional to the player to activate it)

/ all the towns and city have a well to refill bottles cheaper (bottles more expensive)

/ zoom in option

/ login bonus in consecutive way, for instance (alreay used)
1° day bonus 1
2° day bonus 2
3° day bonus 3
(second week)
1° day bonus 1 (x1.1)
2° day bonus 2 (x1,1)
(third week)
1° day bonus 1 (x1.3)
2° day bonus 11
and so on

when fail to login, start again

/particular profile for each account that could copy paste and post in the web, showing what the player wants to be shown
showing level, and stats, and quest, etc

Re: swimming

Posted: 01 Oct 2020, 15:53
by ksso

/ for a certain period (months or so) there will npc elected by players
each npc have some promises and events and taxes :)
so may be one use certain tax for trading, another for traveling...
so may one promote certain events rules, the other change rules of the events, or change the event for that period of time
so one promotes more exp from certain mobs, or lower or higher prices
in that way npc could be designed as proposes to the game
they could even has a index of promised and not doing or doing
the design of npcs are mixed from different people so they not reflect positions of just one player...

the weight of vote (of players) not depends mainly of quantity but on a ponderage based on level, completed quests, ip, collaboration points
may requirements of level, number of logins, creation account date, ip, item...
and so on

/reset ranking monthly
in order to receive rewards monthly for the rankers for events like fluffies and others
(the top ranking also could be seen)

Re: swimming

Posted: 03 Oct 2020, 14:22
by ksso

/activate autoloot: when char walks over drops, automatically are collected (without needing of collect key but also continues enabled)
/activate lists: player has the option to make lists of items
list for selling: player choose which items are automatically enter in this list, as the player collect it from drops. for example, if player select a pelt in the selling list, any time that player collect pelts, it will be in that list, and when go to a shop, just need to tap on the list, and all the items in that list will be selected to be sold
select all option (per tab): just select all and storage them with Lloyd in one click (no one by one ever)
and so on
/button for inventory in dialog boxes that need to drag items, as in alice and oscar quest (for new players) or autodisplay it in such cases (also for lloyd storage option)
/change the position of navigation tab (right now is in social window) to a more related window or box, like with the map or with the chat tabs, also the names of maps could be more descriptive (as noble house #1,2,3 in oscar house, mona house, and so)
/temporary reselling. could be for players wich mistake selling one valuable item, so for a short time the npc show sold items at a higher price, but could be used for exchange items between player (however, the resell could work only for the same player who sell items first)
/option to scroll inventory window while dragging or holding an item, that so combine them even if they are far away each other
/option to unselect on inventory, buy or sell so no need to redo a long list when there is a mistake
/a select all option for items that occupies more than one slot when there are many (like equipment) so if you have a lot of one equipment (for example a weapon), instead of tapping one per one, there is an option to select all, (like with items that occupy only one slot even if there are many (like useable items)
/add another description or class to items (if they are needed for any quest or not) or add in the description if they are needed or will probably need in short time for a quest or just could be sell without problem

may be those options already are in evol, idk

Re: Miscellaneous ideas

Posted: 03 Oct 2020, 18:13
by WildX

Split from viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21086 as it wasn't just about swimming anymore.

Re: Miscellaneous ideas

Posted: 04 Oct 2020, 02:52
by ksso

/ as with hammocs, there could be used same effect with branches of trees, candles, cloths, flags, windvanes, papers, curtains and so on
/ there could be barrels, boxes, jars, bookshelfs, and so that could be broken and have loot or monsters
/ races char have buffs and debuff against some kind of monsters, for equipment, for maps, for skills,
for instance tritan (water) have buffs water related (water magic, water arrows, water melee skills), are strong against fire (kralog chars, fire monsters) and weak against earth (may be ukar char or viro char, earth monsters), raijin (thunder) are strong against earth and weak against wind, and so.
/ some cities have different dominant races and each race has a different arquitecture of buildings, items and so (blocks)
/ some races combination (different players) give different buff and debuffs. there is the option to give a percentage of group experience to healers and runners (with requirement as not kill mobs and other). The possibility of forming list groups (that the game recognize, and the map where are those group will spawn more monsters and loots); or even with out list, the maps generate more mob upon the number of players (if are all depleted or so)
/ possibility to have two weapons (one per hand)
/ possibility to use shovel and fishing rod as equipment (see the char holding it)
/ possibility of use joystick
/ passive and active skills, more of both, in a node way or path-like way (blocked and choosing between different paths of skills), more difference between chars that choose different paths (for instance fire magic (kralog buff), or water magic (tritan buff), or thunder magic (raijin buff), or earth arrows (ukar buff), or air arrows (viro buff), and so), a char could not choose all skills at once becausee are in different branch of nodes
/ skills points (job points) are managed as stats points, could allocated skills points for lower skills or save them for higher skills, could reset skill points as status points, the nodes unlock following nodes, each node could be enhanced or used just for unlocki next node
/ the possibility of transform char in a mob (like trolls, and others) is an skill, and could be enhanced to fight
/ random sprites and maps. periodically, maybe daily or so, some aspects of the maps changed randomly, maybe different npcs not important for quest, background (some trees, rocks, colours, items positions, weather,), even maps not quest related (for directions) could change its display (like grinding caves or woods)
/ powered items, like the souls menhir if you touch them, gives you a temporary different buffer
/ different sounds per drop type
/ chars and mobs occupy an space (so they could not pass through the other, not useful if are near a portal o a warp point), not totally body space (a little point) but enough to not overlay and not differentiate different mobs and players. So they could interfere in trayectory of arrows, and so
/ monsters (neutral) no walk randomly near a player fighting other mobs, or if they get too near the fight they also could get injured and start fighting also
/ use of mercenaries or followers
/ the current right click option for allocating a mob in a priority attack list or ignoring list become nodes in a path of passive skills
/ manaplus client could run in android and ios
/ circadian quests-game (fo difference from actual daily quests) give rewards for players by doing some quest (like killing a number of low level monster, a number of high level monster, for talking an npc, for using some skill, for using some item), the daily quest are listed and accesible to read them before doing, games gives the quest auto or need to tap some npc or button to collect the reward. the circadian quest varies everyday
/ leveling reward, besides all other rewards, there are rewards for leveling (some rewards for reaching some levels, some skills, some number of quests, some number of monsters killed (for a number, then for another greater number and so), for collecting a number of items, for using bank services, for dyening cloths, and so)
/ there is the skill to use the shield as a weapon (maybe passive skill) for pushing mobs
/ all players could use mana to use active skills (not only magic users), so for bow and melee players
/ there are harder maps with areas who generate damage to players (like the pikpik), maybe where are fire, ice, swamp, or so (mobs could also be affected, be pushed or attracted)
/ players could change chars names (with some min time between changes, so server update the change, and no chars with same name)
/ char could be pushed by mobs, when difference between them are too high
/ the effect of some items (buff and debuff) is greater during some time (events or stations) of the year, for instance in halloween, masks have a bonus
/ when player invoke monsters, they have something on or even a part of char name to make a difference from normal monsters
/ more options to combine items (as with the cards) or enhance items (as with the cards), for instance combine fragments to obtain a gem, or small potions to obtain a bigger potion
/ all slot are not unlocked from very beginning, need to increase level to unlock some
/ ishi points resets monthly or periodically, ishi calculates the top players and give rewards to them
/ use of traps and baits (as the cakes for hungry fluffies but for other monsters)
/ use of skills (also) without need of writing it (for instance you assign that one skill or spell always be activated if you tap longer on a mob or if yo tap it twice). So you could select between the skills that you have unlocked for that
/ possibility of active an stoplight-like signal in order to announce the current mood state (emojis are transient), so one signal to want to join a party and the ones that not, another for the ones who want to trade and the ones that not, the ones who want to talk and the eones that not, the ones who wants to stay alone and the ones that not, and so)
/ unlocked quests appears at the quest window, currently only appear a quest if you talk to the chosen npc, also there could be a wiki link for each quest
/ once completed a quest, there is a big message telling you completed the quest, with pecked paper, balloons and so
/ a database of quests, that could be accesed from the wiki by the player, and could make queries about: Quests that gives weapons (melee weapons, long distance weapons, wands), Quests that gives armours, especial items, Quests that just gives money/experience, Quests that gives daily points, Daily quests, Quests that gives boss points, Quests that gives skills, Sequence or chain of quests (required quests former and forward), Quests redoable and no redoable, Quests with level required and no level required, Quests with level recommended, Recommended quests, Season quests (anual quests), Order of creation (former and last ones), Estimated time to complete, Number of players required or recommended, Quests for path walked, main class or skill developed, By items needed, By boss points needed, By money needed, by map, and so on...
/ there is no continued leveling of mobs
/ from the game, players could access the world map, scroll down, search, read and search npcs maps quests, perhaps
/ when right click on a mob, could see its level and more attributes
/ when choose language aint english appears a default flag for that language, so the option to use different countries flags for same language as for spanish, the possibility to use more than one flag (trilingual dudes), or the possibility to hide it, or the possibility to use another sign for language instead of countries flag
/ the possibility to input another vocabularies from another languages (unicode) even when my language selected aint that language, for instance possibility to copy paste kanjis, arabic and so
/ possibility to allocate specific weapons to specific skills (when players have)
/ random maps with its own quests, could be daily, per player and/ per a min player number, per map, per level, and so; in these maps (that maybe mobs aren't spawn automatically (cause could be an objective to clear them) there are mobs that respawn another mobs, mobs that enhance attack points of other mobs
/ option to link account to social networks, etc
/ option to play as a guest for a period of time (for instance 60 min or less or more), after that player need to register an account in order to continue playing (saving what player played)
/ option for the player to activate an kill steal protection, but for the monster, for instance, if player lasts more than a certain period of time fighting the mob (for instance 30 seconds), the mob could not be selected by other players (for instance 30 minutes), besides the protection of just drops for that small time (option to activate it by the player)
/ option to sheath or put in the weapon, for instance big weapons (crossbows, spears, javelins, axes) and shields at back, small weapons at belt, shirt or neck, could be by command, automatically in some towns. in some buildings, when sit down.. etc
/ auto movements when char is still, after a period could sit down, stand up, clean weapon, look inventory, put in the weapon blink, afk emojis, etc,
/ spells, fighting mobs and mob have effect over background, for instance breaking and burning branches, trees, grass, even footprints or trails
/ when char stays idle and is attacked, maybe char could lift up arms or shield like trying to defend itself, facing the agressor while it just dies
/ for selling and buying, instead of a list there could be the option of a grid that shows items pictures a little scaled up or proportiones (so potions are the smallest, and big axes spears and shields are the bigger), so player could drag the items from the grid to a grid. slot or windows that means the inventory. When pointer hovers on or selects the item, it show info of that item. That scaled item thing could be use for the equipment windows, but seems insane for the storage where are 600 slots
/ the selling items lists, besides the reselling, shows a random list of items that could vary daily, also some items needs a level requeriment to could buy it
/ the shortcut slots thing (now unlimited) could be unlocked with level progression or with belts collecting
/ there are sounds per item type when storage, equipment, buy, sell, trade windows appear, like when selected, when moved, when dragged, when buyed, when selled, and so
/ the drops for one player are not selectable for others (instead of showing the message that is of another player)
/ when using debuff weapons (as poisoned arrows, ice gladius) the mob shows a symbol or a colour showing the debuff effect (also a debug effect)
/ players could put all their chars in their own alliance (currently need to make an alliance for each char)
/ option to hold a tap or a click and the char continuously moves toward that direction, without needing to tap several times to move toward that direction (different from tapping or click just one time)
/ an untouchable log available for control of rising and lowering of rate drops mainly (also for exp), registering causes, events, responsibles and so
/ stronger servers for more players capacity
/ manamarket could be used by any char of any account, suggested prices, unlimited slots (or unlock possibility with lvl or quests) and so
/ make a gamer glossary including tmw terms
/ different display options of unread/new messages/whispers (light that goes on and off, autodisplay or autoopen tan, pop out tab, message at different parts of the screen, etc), option to save or longer logs, etc
/ spawn of mobs different for each other, for instance in graveyard the spawn from tombs, in woods from shrubs or trees, in desert from rocks, holes and so (also upon the mob)
/ option to display bar for boss points, daily points, etc
/ option to set an alarm or sign when daily boss could be redone (as for the gently mirak), or when some friend you spot is online, or when for an item you selected previously is posted on the manamarket (as when you login in, and when happen something)
/ more and more and more combinations with drops and items, low levels mob drops also, with changes on healing effects, sell prices, weight, colour and so

Re: Miscellaneous ideas

Posted: 10 Nov 2020, 21:43
by ksso

/ random names for bosses, for instance blub or santa slime, if they give special items drops
then, names could be composed by adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, nouns, verbs, so the name is assigned randomly for each word (besides of the name of the very monster), so each word of its composed name is randomly generated...
could be watched over or under the very monster type, race or generic name). may be even level of monster could be related with the number of words in its name, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and so... (more than a certain number could be very extensive).
/ moving npcs stop while speaking with players, and continue moving afterwards (like moon and others), changing route daily, hinnak could be trying to pursue some pinkies and missing hit, when player stands in front of hinnak loss hp when hinnak attacks (like zombie coffin in crypt)
/ option to quick close any dialog started by mistake by tapping any npc
/ npcs could somehow react to near struggles.

Re: Miscellaneous ideas

Posted: 25 Nov 2020, 03:12
by ksso

/ by default input messages pop up chat window and pop up tab even if are hidden (or not active or open) (whispers do not auto open by default)
also new messages by default scrolls up (showing always the last ones) cause now you need to scroll continuously to see them
important if you are asked the 3 min question... and not gm char visible...
if by mistake a player ignores a gm or admin, the 3 min question could also be readen