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Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 20:10
by Canedo
I thought about a system of legal economy to apply myself to the TMW. Some professions would exist, as mining, Lumberjack, Hunter, and others. Each one could catch picks (for mining) axes (for Lumberjacks), and relative others itens the professions. Each profession, would give a different, minerador resource gives rocks, lumberjack gives logs wooden, hunting of the skin of animals, and them they could sell in specific places or for other players. And the price of purchase of these materials would have constant variations, in accordance with the number of players that they are in that profession, the number of the supply of the NPC, the available object number in the market. At last, as a real economy. Random events could happen, as for example, insects destroy fields in way, rains improve the productivity of trees, an asteroid with precious rocks fall in the Earth, amongst other events. And each player could be what it wanted, in the hour that wanted, would be enough to have the tools for the profession, and if they would have skills, that they would make with that the mining speed, of would saw, and of others they varied. Debtor for the attention, and sorry will be my bad english English, I'm Brrazillian ^^

Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 21:08
by Peacemaker

I'm working on a basic crafting system... check out that topic ;) ... 0788#20788
... but that kind of system works for everyone.

As far as I know real professions using skill points and much more are not possible at the moment (current server).

A real economy sounds good, but its quite difficult. I believe there are much more basic things which had to be done first...

Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 21:37
by Canedo
Yes, I agree, many things need to be made first, but I find that cost nothing not to give to an opinion ^^ Ahh, I forgot to cite, I was felt inspired in the system of the “First Star Online 2â€