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Slayer Skills

Posted: 05 Aug 2007, 17:24
by Falcata
This is a skill I thought up of, which you could call "X Slayer". Basically, all monsters are grouped together into different categories, for example, animal, insect, slime, etc.

This skill gives you a bonus to accuracy and damage against these monster of a specific group, and you can raise the skill level by defeating a large number of monsters within each group.

For example a player with "Animal Slayer" at 3rd level would get a +3 bonus to accuracy and damage against monsters in the animal group, such as Bats, the various Snakes, and those weird white rabbits.

Now then, you would build up these slayer skills by killing monsters, as I said. I recall seeing something about monster challenge ratings (CR), so with this system, each time you killed a monster of a certain group, you would gain EXP towards that skill, equal to the monster's CR minus your skill level.

So, with our 3rd level Animal Slayer, he would get no EXP by killing animals with a CR of 3 or lower. But if he killed a CR 4 animal, he would gain 1 EXP towards the Animal Slayer skill, 2 EXP if he killed a CR 5 animal, and so on.

If anyone has questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to post them.

Posted: 05 Aug 2007, 17:32
by Crush
This has already been suggested in a quite outdated skill system proposal:

If such a feature has any space in the new skill system is not sure.

Posted: 05 Aug 2007, 23:08
by Bjørn
That basically sounds like the hunt skills in the master skill list. Why wouldn't this fit in the new skill system? What is the new skill system?

Posted: 06 Aug 2007, 01:48
by Crush
Rotonen and me are currently cleaning up the whole game systems part of the wiki. We haven't got far enough yet to decide which one of the many skill system proposals we will use.