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Post by imorgado » 23 Feb 2005, 04:40

I think that we are building a MMORPG not a solo RPG.

We should think about player interaction. Individuality and not killing monster.

I really like to play a game we're I can do things without bring extinction to the orc race.

Leveling up bring this concept, to grow one level you have to kill monsters, to kill monster you have to use swords.

SoM was a solo RPG, should be not fun to create a BlackSmith to sell items to anothers players. Should not be fine be a tresure hunter. should not be fine didn't follow the game course.

The biggiest thing in a MMORPG is: you can do every thing (almost)

We want capture the spirit, the graphics, the playability of SoM and YES for that.

But we should remember that:

This is a MMORPG game.

In a RPG game we think: How this village live? Who brings food? There is another kingdom? Who builds this items?

In a MMORPG we are the villagers, we buy food and hunt, we build items.

I think that we have to stop to think in quests to do thinks.

Quest to upgrade weapons or enchant them, should not be fine.

We should have players with skills that should be able to do that.

The weapon lvl in SoM are fine. But I think that RUN FOR LEVELS, just bring one think to my mind (bot).

Items should be done by players, enchantments too.

I really like to play with blacksmiths, alchemists and enchanters.
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Post by Kyokai » 23 Feb 2005, 06:49

Yeah, I think that's our shared vision on the TMW team :D
If you're interested in gameplay so much, why not check out our gameplay section on the Wiki board. From this page, you'll see all the playability and customization available to TMW players. Most of the stuff you've suggested has already started to be framed.

Gameplay Systems
The Mana World System Coordinator.
View the Systems
So what does the systems coordinator actually do? My job is to take your ideas for TMW and build them into working aspects of gameplay that can be implemented by the artists and programmers. If there's anything you think we can do better or differently, let me know.
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Post by ElvenProgrammer » 25 Feb 2005, 16:49

imorgado: let me say I agree :roll:
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