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Posted: 03 Mar 2005, 12:04
by Bjørn
I don't see how mounts are a rip-off from WoW, I mean I think I could sit on a horse way back in Arena: The Elder Scrolls Chapter I, or at least in Daggerfall, chapter II.

Still, I do think they're superfluous and create too much extra work.

Posted: 03 Mar 2005, 21:01
by imorgado
What we do in mounts in a real world?

Move faster.
Mounted combat
Flee faster.
Go from one place to another in less time

Posted: 03 Mar 2005, 21:06
by Talaroc
As you've written it here, the only benefit of mounts over the amulet system is the possibility of mounted combat. Which is something that, if a lot of other people really want it, I suppose I could make sprites for, but I kind of don't want to, as I don't see a whole lot of benefit.

Posted: 03 Mar 2005, 22:01
by imorgado
Amulet system? I didn't see about it.

Posted: 03 Mar 2005, 22:46
by Talaroc
Re-read this thread. It's described in the third post on the first page.

Posted: 14 Mar 2005, 17:06
by WakkaCraft
Some games do mounted combat, others don't. In RO, being mounted meant you did perfect damage (the size of the monster didn't affect your damage). Although I believe this has been changed to be spear weapons only. In WoW, mounted combat is impossible, and if dazed while mounted, you will be unmounted, something I shall note as being extremely annoying.

Either way, we have a chance here to not only be unique, but save our artists work. Yay for double-bonuses!

Posted: 29 Mar 2005, 07:14
by HaLLanHype
if this is on topic I think all equipment should be viewable... it will be more work but will be better in the end and draw some more people in

I know if im playing a game and nothing is viewable thats a downside for me.

Posted: 29 Mar 2005, 08:55
by Aacheron
I'm for the amulet-system proposed; maybe make the amulet a quest-item, and the quest rather hard (not impossible), maybe even requiring teaming-up (in which case everyone involved of sufficiently high level would get one). I know teaming-up isn't implemented, but whatever. Point being, make it rewarding so that players can brag about it.

WoW has the mounts cost a fortune and what not, and some people frantically scrounge together every single silver piece just to get to parade around with a mount - the hunt is at least as rewarding as the prey. I don't play WoW nor do I know anyone who does, but I've read discussions on (civilised) message boards...

One minor detail; if 150% uses sprint animation for walking, it should use the proposed "levitation" whatnot for sprinting, and 200% could use some super-barmy zip-thing for sprinting (glowing outlines? hehehe...), as it's got the "levitating" one for walking...

Just if it's not too much work, as people could feel a slight twinge of pride parading around with their greased-lightnings-for-characters, hehe.