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Post by Aacheron » 24 Mar 2005, 14:10

Personally I'm really fond of the estate system's idea. It lends more of a simulation/RPG feel to it, rather than just a hack'n'slash. One idea would be for the estates to be like demiplanes in D&D - they'd exist as little pockets in nowhere, basically. You could actually implement this into the fluff... The planes might have the equivalent of an IP address or something; a unique identification key in order for people to choose to visit other people's estates...
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Post by Authoritive Anarchy » 05 Apr 2005, 03:59

oh and when you decide to implement it, give the owners a command to invite guests to their estate and stuff. you could code this too, so that its on a public map.

just have a street with a path all across it and then put something like if player pays 100000 gold then house.bmp on map1.bmp. if map =20 houses then map2.bmp

it would be much more complex in terms of coding, but it is very possible to do so.
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Post by Kyokai » 05 Apr 2005, 05:59

We've got something like this worked out already, probably a little bit simpler (and less expensive) than your version though. If you care to read this wiki page it will resolve all your questions about how guests can visit your estate.
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