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Login Gateway

Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 04:53
by Kyokai
I was just thinking, we have a login screen now, but wouldn't it be nice to have a gateway?

Not only could you log on, you could keep tabs on your friend list, set options, maybe view a gallery, browse online game manuals, etc. Anyone else in favor of this?


Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 05:07
by Flare
sounds good

Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 05:41
by Talaroc
That would be cool.

Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 09:43
by Magick
Hmmm...that would be pretty cool. You got my vote :D

Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 15:56
by Rotonen
We're starting to have a LOT of good ideas.. At some point we will have too much ;) It's not that time yet and yes, that's a very practical idea, so in principle, I'm saying yes to it too, but I'm also wanting to point out that the growing enthusiasm and perhaps even hype are probably going to be a bad thing on the long run.

Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 18:53
by maci
i agree with this idea too.. sounds great :D

Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 20:42
by Bjørn
I see no need. Your friends are already reachable by email, IM and IRC, etc. and you can find them in the game after logging in. Also the manuals should probably just be on the website. I can't think of any options you would change there either.

Please if the people that think this would be cool would say why, then maybe their opinion could have a little bit of relevance.

Posted: 02 Mar 2005, 03:28
by Kyokai
Bjørn wrote:Please if the people that think this would be cool would say why, then maybe their opinion could have a little bit of relevance.
It's just an extra we could throw in client-side to add some spice to the game. It doesn't really affect gameplay much, but players would appreciate it. Also, if TMW has multiple servers, screenshot capability, multiple character accounts, etc. it is nice to have a utility to manage this data as well as to setup the game. Still, the gateway is mainly aesthetic. It's just for fun and flavor.


Posted: 02 Mar 2005, 04:03
by Bear
a Login Gateway would be good to have, but it should be low priority, as you know, we dont even have maps and items and all those other things finished, whats a game without items?!, btw, does anyone think this is kinda turning out like Runescap? or FFXI?

Posted: 04 Mar 2005, 19:38
by ElvenProgrammer
Well I don't see any reason why we should need a gateway. Your frinds could be reached in game by simply chatting with them and you can have help by typing something like /help or /manual i think.

And I agree with Rotonen we are starting to have too many ideas, I think we should focus with high priority ones: which one will you prefer magick attacks or a gateway :wink: ?

Posted: 17 Mar 2005, 04:23
by Catfish_Man
I would say that ideas are very different from "what to work on next" ;)

I've got tons of ideas for the project I'm working on (one reason I want issue tracking so much), but what I'm actually working on is a very small subset of them. Discussion like this can help refine stuff to the point where it's actually usable once the larger items are done. However, I think making it very clear that just because an idea has been proposed doesn't mean it's going to be included could be a good idea. Less is often more in design.

Posted: 21 Mar 2005, 06:58
by Kyokai
Are we going to have multiple characters per account? If so, how many? What will players from the same account share? How will they differ?

Posted: 21 Mar 2005, 09:13
by maci
well ..
good question
i guess many players would like that so they can test out what happens if they choose another way of life in The Mana World..

well but in some way i dislike it because it isnt realistic and of course if we would have these item boxes like RO.. this would be a possibility to kinda cheating.. and would reduce the community part in tmw .
i mean if everyone is able to get or make every item because he can create like 4 chars with all different skills there wouldnt be that much trading and stuff..

so i dun really know what would be better

Posted: 21 Mar 2005, 13:18
by Bjørn
Just imagine the scenario where we allow only one character per account. When players want more characters, they'll just create more accounts. So either way players will have as many characters as they can handle, basically.

So I think it's just a question of convenience. Creating another username/password for each account/character is not convenient I think, so I think it's reasonable to allow multiple characters on a single player account. Of course there should be a limit on this, but that's a policy thing that can be decided later.

Posted: 21 Mar 2005, 15:36
by ElvenProgrammer
We could allow multiple characters but please let's avoid sharing between different characters...