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Post by Talaroc »

I think it would be best, in this hybrid system, to remove combat locks altogether. Like Bjørn said, having some people combat lock and others not creates pvp balancing issues, as well as being unnecessary. The strategy of a melee tank player is generally based off of getting monsters to aggro you, not chasing after the monsters with a "flee" AI (which are generally weak or have long-range attacks anyway, so holding them next to you should be hard). Keeping monsters in the fray and such is, therefore, an AI issue, rather than an issue of the combat system.
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Post by oiper »

Off the top of my head, I'd suggest that all the monsters, within the main-area portions of maps (Presently, think maggots and scorpions) are not allowed to lock onto you no matter what. I'd think people would get frustrated running through a land to get to the other side and having to fight a bunch of rabbites, esp when you are leveled up to the point that fighting them is no real use to you.


Have all monsters able to lock you into battle, but give the players an option to avoid the majority of creatures that you see hopping around in normal game play.


All monsters (non-players) can lock you in, but have a really low(think rare) heuristic for deciding to lock in.
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Re: suggestion

Post by Kyokai »

I've taken out monster locking from the last version, since alot of people were upset with it. From now on, only players can lock onto monsters, and locking on to something no longer forces that thing to lock on to you.
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?locking" and spells

Post by imorgado »

Thinking about spells and keyboard or control pad method.

We should have 2 kind of spells:

Direct spells
Area spells

Direct spells are cast over the target, even the target walks the spell is still over him, the spellcasting can only be break if target is away from caster line of sight.

Area spells are cast over the target, but they are bounded with area (x,y) position, not character/monster, if the monster get away from the target the spell is cast over the area.
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