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Begining of the game

Posted: 13 Jun 2008, 10:28
by Blodyavenger
First of all, hello everyone, I'm new here :)

I must say that I'm realy impresed on the game and on the way it's created but there are few things that bothers me a bit.

I do realize, that thi is pre-alpha version but I already saw that maps are building already and I just want to say, that I hope that players are not going to start like they do now.

Ofcourse, I'll write down few reasons:
-in the city surounded with maggots, scorpions and fire goblins? That's kinda strange and can be confused
-player can't get into the game smoothly becouse of no introduction, why are you there, what are you doing there. You just see city walls around you.
-New players shouldn't be surounded with players of higher level, becouse they need freedom on start, to get trough starting easier and more relaxed

Suggestions for that:
-Player could start on the beach next to the ship / row-boat with one or two NPCs next to him
-Make 1-2 quests to start with. Something similar, maybe just to bring water from well that's in the small cave filled with some maggots.
-on start there should be one vendor selling some bread(hp) and water(mana) for start so player don't get confused with too many items

I'm not sure what are the plans overall since I didn't read not 90% of everything, and I relize that it's still pre-alpha (or even earlier version), but I just want to let everyone know to make that something difrent, not same like other thousands of mmorpgs out there where you start in crowded city, surounded with quests "kill x of monsters" and other confusing things.

Game system and engine offers A LOT like I saw and it would bee too bad to use it just in the same way like othe games that are out there "MU online, Fly for fun, Conquer online, Kal online....etc".

What will make this game special? Why would someone chose to play this game? I think the answer is "difrence, something special".

For the end, I just want to say, that what is written up there is for support and suggestion to overall game. And last thing...I will try to contribute with pixel art. I wish all good to that game :D

Re: Begining of the game

Posted: 13 Jun 2008, 10:39
by Crush
The starting area will be moved to the woodland area when we switch to the new server. The idea is to have some kind of boarding school where the player characters were educated before their players take control of them. The game starts either with taking the final exam (tutorial) or with ditching it and going right into the game.

I think we had a thread about this somewhere.

Re: Begining of the game

Posted: 13 Jun 2008, 14:31
by feline monstrosity
Yeah, here.