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King of TMW

Posted: 17 Jul 2008, 17:46
by Habari
heres my proposal :
theres should be a castle at the north of the desert , thats where the king lives , the king (a player chosen every two weeks) he would also have a crown item , unique in the game ,which he would only have while his king
this is how you become king:
1. every two weeks , aspirants are divided in two groups (army)
2.each army is divided in groups of 7 persons.
3. Armys fight one against other (pvp)
4.The army with more points (more pvp killings in one week) gets chosen
5. Of the winner army each group of seven trys to do 3 quests (on the second week)
6.The group of seven that makes the quests earlier wins
7.the winner group of seven votes their leader (they will have to agree by chatting between them)
8.The leader that wins with at least 4 votes becomes king of TMW on day 1 of third week

variation of rule 8: maybe they should get 7 votes and if they arent able to reach an agreement the following group of 7 (that made at least 2 quest erlier) is chosen to vote

Re: King of TMW

Posted: 18 Jul 2008, 00:14
by Rotonen
Monthly 1on1 PVP tournaments would be simpler and much, much easier to hold.

Also the current champion/king should just hold a crown.

Each month there would be a 1st contender tournament held and on the given date (1st of each month?) the champion/king should show up to defend the title or lose it. We would need some sort of an web app for this. (And also to keep it as simple as possible at first.)

Re: King of TMW

Posted: 18 Jul 2008, 01:12
by Arilious
I'm already the King.



Re: King of TMW

Posted: 18 Jul 2008, 23:50
by Habari
I liked the quest thing so you needed intelligence and not just brute force to become king and i would like to have teams so people socialize and cooperate , it would be more interesting , but if you want i can simplify the process:
1. each person has to pass 3 quests and after each quest he/she wins a key
2.With 3 keys (one gold one silver one bronze) , you can access a special pvp area comes the monthly pvp tournaments , we could use the football league system for deciding who passes
4.the winner try to defeat the king.


Re: King of TMW

Posted: 19 Jul 2008, 01:31
by 5t3v3
Much better, although I would suggest dropout tournament instead of point-league. Having everyone compete against everyone would take up much time, so instead just random setting up one vs. one and winner goes to next round.