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Some armor splits?

Posted: 06 Aug 2008, 23:37
by kr0n05931
IMHO, we should have armor that lowers your dex, agility, or str based on what it is.

I mean logically heavy armor would weigh down your attacks and would make you slower, so I think if people want higher def, they should make some concessions to make the game fair. For example: Infantry helms should give no stat changes. However, Knight helms should give -2 dex or something because the Infantry helm has a much better line of sight than the Knight helm due to no visor. Also, I think that anything above lightweight armor ( anything greater than chainmail) should lower agility and dex because it is much heavier and would be difficult to move around in it, much less get an accurate, fast hit.

Re: Some armor splits?

Posted: 09 Aug 2008, 18:36
by Forge
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Re: Some armor splits?

Posted: 09 Aug 2008, 18:43
by Jaxad0127
Even the strongest person would lose mobility when wearing armor. A minimum strength for some equipment would be more realistic. Some equipment could also have a minimum agility or dexterity. Once magic is implemented, minimum of the magic attributes would be reasonable. Even minimum vitality would be reasonable in certain circumstances.