ToS (Harassment)

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ToS (Harassment)

Post by scan9 » 18 Aug 2008, 21:44

I don't understand. I don't understand one bit how any of this stuff is getting through.

Platyna, you say drop stealing is not against ToS, but what about harassment? We all know that we really do dislike players hounding our kills like rabid hyenas for items, but it isn't harassment? We all ask these people to stop, and if I pick someone's item up by mistake, I ask them what it was and if it was something i just got, I will return it.

No problem.

But other characters will just run around and hound players (mostly archers) for items.

We have all seen it. Players hounding giant maggots who drop things 50% of the time and some character runs up and steals whatever. Sure, it isn't much, but the mere act of stealing someone's property is plain wrong.

Platyna, not to show disrespect, but saying drop stealing isnt illegal is like saying i can run into a Best Buy right when u purchase a Wii and I can just jump over the register and take what is rightfully yours.
You worked for that Wii, just like we work for our items.

So I suggest *pokes title of thread* that either you add item stealing to the ToS (only illegal if players dont say anything, and if its a language u cant speak, give it to them anyways) or add a 30 second rule.

The 30 second rule would just make it that a person who dealt over 50% of damage to an enemy would be able to claim the item for 30 seconds afterward. No one else could touch it.

*Breaking News* Player ningyou informed me that eAthena already has pick up restrictions but are disabled because we are all considered to be in the same party.

I am guessing this is currently non-solveable since it isn't fixed...

Just throwing that out there.
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Re: ToS (Harassment)

Post by Platyna » 19 Aug 2008, 11:12

Drop stealing prevention is already being worked on, and should be available this week, please do not waste my time on the discussions that has no point, since there are no technical possibilities to make drop stealing a bannable offence.