Party System!

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Party System!

Post by Bear » 15 Apr 2005, 05:21

In every online game, you can create partys and guilds, so i was thinking about that and came up with this idea.

Levelable, you can level up your party up to level...10? Once it levels, you can choose a skill to add in the party, such as extention, or some party helping skill.

Some ideas for the skills are:
(EXP Share)In some games, parties have level restrictions for sharing exp. So this skill would widen the range of the levels to share EXP.
(Extension)At every level up for this skill, it adds an extra 1-3 slots to the party.(Suppose it starts at... 5?)
(Teamwork)When leveled, raises SOME stats of the party members.

These parties arent permanent, just until the maker quits or disbans(so it should be a bit easier to level the party)

Tell me what you think by PM :D
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Re: Party System!

Post by Kyokai » 15 Apr 2005, 05:25

So these are sort of like, not guilds, but not normal parties either? I'm a little confused. If a party levels up and then disbands, do they lose their levels? And what sort of bonuses do these levels grant them?

I'm supposing parties would level their cooperation fast, and sort of get a "teamwork bonus" for the length of time the party has existed, is that the idea?

Anyhow, I'll need to add a party system page under the wiki now, as I had completely forgotten about it.

The idea you're proposing is somewhat interesting (if I understand it correctly). I'd like to hear it explained a little more clearly.
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Post by HaLLanHype » 15 Apr 2005, 19:15

Some games have where when you make parties you level those parties up. Whenever you leave the party its done though it doesnt save and if you started a new party it would be back at the start.

I seen this on Rose at least.

And the rest are ideas he has for bonuses from leveling the party.
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