Suggested Quest - Gold Warlord Plate

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Re: Suggested Quest - Gold Warlord Plate

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kr0n05931 wrote:Carbon is a very strange material. In it's regular formation, it is a very brittle non-metal; however, if it is arranged in a certain way it can be as hard as a diamond. Carbon is also used in the refining of iron to steel. So carbon is much too broad of a subject, try 'diamond', 'steel', or 'graphite' (In order from hardest to most brittle)

IMHO it should be like this:

Gemstone/polished armors for mages:

Amethyst (lowest) (basic resistance)
Jade (water resistance)
Opal (light magic resistance)
Black Opal (black magic resistance)
Polished Snowflake Obsidian (Melee/black resisitance
Quartz (Melee/electricity resistance)
Polished Granite (Melee/earth/fire resistance)
Diamond (highest) (Melee and light magic resistance

I would suggest light armors for rangers as they need flexibility most of all, and need to be light. Insect exoskeletons or hides would be the way to go here.

Maggot Armor (lowest) (basic defense)
Giant Maggot Armor (Earth magic defense)
Mouboo Hide (Melee defense)
Slime Jelly (in order of colors)
Snake Skin (Melee defense)
Trozz Hide (Black magic defense)

And of course, meleers need heavy protection, metals, stones, and metalloids should work here quite well.

Aluminum Armor (lowest) (basic resistance; lowered melee defense, higher attack)
Talc Armor (water magic resistance)
Bronze Armor (Melee, ranged, and earth defense)
Iron Armor (Melee and ranged defense)
Steel Armor (Melee and ranged defense)
Titanium Armor (Melee defense)
Basalt Armor (Water magic defense)
Unpolished Granite (Fire/earth/melee defense)
good idea!

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