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a request...

Posted: 30 Jan 2009, 10:35
by helan
dear GMs :)

i have had a couple of unpleasant conversations with players in the game recently, in which i was accused of abusing the system and botting. despite my attempts to clarify the situation we were not able to come to answers/solutions. i considered quitting altogether but since i enjoy playing TMW and thought about contributing in the future i decided to request a level reset of my character (helan) instead.

i hope this will help others that might be in the similar situation and that it will at least partially prevent situations that hurt the atmosphere of this game.

thank you

ps. btw please only reset levels if possible, i would like to keep some quest items. :)

Re: a request...

Posted: 01 Feb 2009, 21:03
by helan
anybody interested - please follow the link below (it was "resolved" in the Court House section) ... =20&t=5895

this thread is closed :)