I present the Economy Boost Plan (Incomplete at the moment)

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Re: I present the Economy Boost Plan (Incomplete at the moment)

Post by EJlol » 04 Feb 2009, 16:48

50% tax of transition money if the other player doesn't give you an item in return which would prevent partially , people concealing money in other accounts.
People will trade newbie items (+ the money) with their other accounts, just so that they dont have to pay the tax.
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Re: I present the Economy Boost Plan (Incomplete at the moment)

Post by Crush » 04 Feb 2009, 16:50

1.3 Bank taxes

5.5% of money in bank account , every time you want to take money out, 0.5% of your money , every time you put money inside. Also , as compensation , people would have a 3.25% interest payed every month they manage to keep their money inside the bank untouched. This would promote business and impatient people would pay other players for their banking services. But a 11% tax if you don't take your money out in 9 months time.
What's with your obsession with the banking script? That script already is a useless gimick without any use for gameplay. Any modification at the script would cause one of two consequences: Either you make money from it, which would generate further money from nothing. Or you lose money from it, which would make it nonsensical for the players to use.

every person which trades with a newbie will receive a 0.25% of their money as price
This can be easily abused to create money from nothing.
every person which remains without killing monsters in one year , will recieve 25% of his money as price!!
What's the point of giving free money to the mule characters?
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Re: I present the Economy Boost Plan (Incomplete at the moment)

Post by radiant » 04 Feb 2009, 19:01

"1.1 Voluntary tax"

Anyone care to explain how these two words make any sense together?

Also, what incentive does a player have to declare emself NOT a newbie under this system?

"1.2 Gambling tax"

Gambling isn't a problem now, and this tax would go even further to making an entire room of the game do absolutely nothing. Let's take a look at the possible bets you can place:
-Roulette, black/red: 0 EV since the ball never stops on green for this bet
-Roulette, by number: -74% EV (1/38 to win, pays out at only 9:1)
-Slot machines: -80% EV (1/49 to win, pays out at the same 9:1)
-Blackjack is much more complex than the others. We have: always 2:1 payout on a win, a dealer that mysteriously never busts, a dealer that wins pushes, a dealer that doesn't reveal an up card (which at least simplifies strategy if nothing else), a player that can never receive an ace in the up cards unless it's part of a blackjack, a constantly replenishing deck that has all its face cards removed, and of course no double/split/surrender/insurance rules. The only choice in strategy, then, is what's the minimum number to consider adequate. 21 is suboptimal (as you'd then be giving up a 60% win chance on 20 for an 8% chance), as is 20 (19 then drops from 40% to 14%) or 19 (18 drops from 20% to 18%). 18, however, must be adequate, as standing on 17 provides no chance to win anything at all. I won't go through everything, but the odds of winning work out to 589946239137202/1800000000000000, for a modest -1.7% EV.

So none of those games provide any way to generate long-run payouts, and then you want to tax them even further to make them even less viable?

"1.3 Bank taxes" - how do you even hope to pull this "time-limited interest expiry" off? If I put more money in, does the timer reset on what's already there? If not, you'd pretty much have to track state information for each and every GP, and even platinum doesn't have the RAM for that.

"1.4 trading tax" - You really do know how to let lobbyists write the laws they'll be governed by, don't you?

Am I to read something into the fact that your idea of an "economy boost" is loads of new taxes? What next, a quest where you can talk in front of the banker and the use of certain words (SHA-1 encoded in the script, of course) will trigger him to hand out your share of 825 billion GP?
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