Marriage Failure

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Re: Marriage Failure

Post by Rotonen »

For gameworld configurability aspects, we should keep it scripted.

Each admin / content team can run their server's marriage policy however they want to.

This topic is turning more into how we would like for the official content to handle the issue. For this, as pointed towards by Crush, we would actually need to start to develop the gameworld and especially the cultures present in the world.
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Re: Marriage Failure

Post by Crush »

zick wrote:Question: Would compiling something like this into the server be faster as opposed to if it were script based? I am asking not to be a jerk but because I don't know.
Scripts are generally slower than pure C++ code, but depending on how often the script function is called this might not really matter.

LUA is a very lightweight and performant scripting language, but the calls from LUA to C++ and from C++ to LUA are quite expensive, especially when a lot of data is passed (you can not pass data by-reference between LUA and C++). When a cross-language call is only done every few seconds per player it will not have a notable impact on the overall hardware load. But when we have a few hundred calls every game tick it might be wiser to implement the feature in C++.
I remember from my Java classes in school that the teacher said since Java was an interpreted programming language (script) that it was slower than C++ which was pure machine language.
Your school teacher was wrong about Java being an interpreted language. Java sourcecode is compiled into binary bytecode before it is executed by the virtual machine. The execution of the bytecode is (usually) not quite but almost as fast as machine code compiled from C++ sourcecode. But Java also has the ability to optimize the bytecode at runtime for the CPU of the system it runs on (Just-In-Time compilation) which is an advantage over software which is distributed as already compiled machine code and thus can not be optimized for the system of the end-user.

The downside of the virtual machine concept is load time and memory consumption of small programs. Regardless of the program you always have to load the big JavaVM into system memory when you want to run it.
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Re: Marriage Failure

Post by crazy »

Crush wrote:There are different cultures in the world which have different views on the role of marriage.

what was the purpose of mariege in tmw. i mean why it is impimented and if there are plans to make any improvments-more usage to the mariege. ( i ask cause if they are before people say it's opinion should take under notice theese things )

By the way i am not against that someone could marrie more than 1 people at the same time ( although i will not do it )
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