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New monster & Ranged weapon

Posted: 05 Mar 2009, 01:39
by Savi
I was thinking of a new monster to add to the game. If there is a watery or swamp area you could make frogs. The Mouboo already hops (sort of) so I thought frogs could hop around. There would be 2 types of frogs, a regular variety and a poison variety. The poison variety would have spikes on it's back. When you kill a poison frog you would have a possible drop of a spike. There also could be frog legs as a drop that people can use as food. Frog tongues could also be added as a drop to use in spell ingredients.
Now for the ranged weapon. If you had a blow gun that would shoot out the poison frog spikes that would be used as a poison dart. The Blow gun would be slightly better than a bow and arrow but the drawback would be that the range would be slightly reduced to cause damage. The Mushroom spike could also be used as a less effective dart for the blowgun too.