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Dungeon idea

Posted: 10 Mar 2009, 19:00
by Savi
What if there was a dungeon where players entered but couldn't get out until they kill all the mobs inside. Or at least prevented from moving from one dungeon room to another until a room was cleared. Kind of like the last monster in the room unlocks a door. Once you reach the last room of the dungeon, kill all the monsters and then the last monster has a rare drop. The difference between the dungeon vs a cave full of monsters is the dungeon would not respawn the mobs so camping would not be an advantage. The entrance to the dungeon would be random as in a public announcement would be posted. If you die while in the dungeon you are out and would have to wait until the next dungeon event started. Rooms could get progressively harder to create a challenge. Team effort would be an advantage. Players could be awarded extra experience points for completing the dungeon. That would give players an incentive to participate as would the rare drop.