Universal client for all TMW forks [was: Client ideas ...]

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Universal client for all TMW forks [was: Client ideas ...]

Post by zick » 11 Mar 2009, 18:59

I came up with this idea the other day ... The idea is that the client becomes universal and you don't need to download a new client for every different fork you play. Maybe there could be some kind of config file in the TMW directory that tells the universal client the server's ip address, the update address, the data directory, your login/password for a particular game. Maybe there could be a default set of data that forks could share, like RPGmaker's RTP concept. And if a fork doesn't want to use the default graphics, it can keep it's data separate.
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Re: Client ideas ...

Post by Crush » 11 Mar 2009, 19:06

Everything you are asking for is already possible. Please complain to the TMW forks directly when they decide to do changes which make their servers incompatible with the official client.

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