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Just a few things

Posted: 05 Jun 2005, 15:34
by Teh Akroh

At only level 33 total exp is hitting the J in Job, the only way to make gp is kill maggots. slimes, giant maggots, red scorpion, black scorpion and red slimes just dont drop anything worth enough gp to pay for arrows used, black scorp does but it doesn't drop often. I used around 3000 arrows and only got enough to buy 1.6k arrows. so i will be going back to maggots soon...

I'm wasting more money than i get right now, if the harder creatures dropped green or red potions a lot then i think i could cover the cost of arrows used or ill be going back and killing maggots.

I have nothing against maggots just they give next to 0 exp for the total exp i need and to make enough money just to get in the caves again ill be hunting maggots for a long time and will be back to them again after a short time in the caves.

Posted: 05 Jun 2005, 15:41
by ElvenProgrammer
Interesting suggestion, we will consider it to balance the server

Posted: 05 Jun 2005, 15:42
by Teh Akroh
That was a fast reply... stalker? :D

Posted: 05 Jun 2005, 19:36
by Teh BillyM
And yours was even faster :lol:

Posted: 06 Jun 2005, 01:07
by Hommer
i agree but it would also be very cool if you could say do jobs or quest to gain even more money for example maybe the town guard wants like 50 cactus drinks because hes goin on a trip so if you give him those you get say 45-55gp for each drink but you can only do once it would make the game intresting and keep it from getting boring as easy

Posted: 06 Jun 2005, 10:34
by LeoStrife
kinda of an off topic post hommer but in bear's test server u can plainly see that they plan to have a quest system like that... the 5 red stinger quest was hard as hell that would be a good 1 to add in

Posted: 06 Jun 2005, 17:18
by Teh Akroh
Teh BillyM wrote:And yours was even faster :lol:
Yea i was changing my avatar and was checking it in this post. :P