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Posted: 01 May 2009, 17:42
by Habari
Apart from killing monsters , buying things and making random senseless quests it would be nice if there was a lineal story to follow in game , to add more fun:

for example:
*In order to enter Hurnscald for the first time you must offer a beer to the guards so they get drunk and don't notice you getting inside the city (they ask you for a random drink like milk , water and you have to guess the right one).
*To visit snowland you must give bread to a kid that will talk to you about a secret place he discovered and shows you the way (he wont offer you anything when he asks for the bread , its a surprise reward).
*you cant enter the casino , because you are under age and you have to buy a counterfeit ID in the black market.
*Shops are closed because they don't have stock , and you have to bring a parcel from another city to the man in the street so he can open his shop.
*your father tells you to go to his old friend next door that will give you for free your first knive and cotton t-shirt at the beginning of the game