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Map BGM?

Posted: 11 Jun 2005, 02:28
by Bear
Well, i suggest that we get the BGM in the game :P

I actualy just want to know if the maps support BGM right now, also kinda wanna add it in :p

Posted: 11 Jun 2005, 07:45
by ElvenProgrammer
No they don't support BGM at the moment, and I forgot to talk about it in the developers meeting. I think I'll add on the roadmap, so it will included in the next release

Posted: 11 Jun 2005, 10:29
by Matt
BGM? Background Music?

Posted: 11 Jun 2005, 11:24
by ElvenProgrammer
This is what I undertood at least.

Posted: 11 Jun 2005, 11:53
by Matt
But I heard a SoM Theme in TMW0.0.7 or so...
Was the bgm support removed?

Posted: 11 Jun 2005, 11:57
by ElvenProgrammer
BGM is strictly linked with map format so after the change to tiled maps we have no more bgm, anyway it was only the login music playing forever if i remember correctly.

Anyway bgm was added to development roadmap so it will be considered as next feature

Posted: 13 Jun 2005, 02:19
by Magick
Great :D

Posted: 13 Jun 2005, 02:55
by LeoStrife
yo been a long while peeps :)

glad to hear that soon i can hear more than the *thud* noise from the attack lol

Posted: 09 Jul 2005, 07:59
by mandrake1983
Well, all that music in the new 0.0.14 releae is quite fun and you've done good. But after a while it starts to bore me and i rather want my winamp to run in the background.

so how can i turn the BGM off? Is there any way to do it?

regards / gr??e,


Posted: 09 Jul 2005, 08:01
by Bear
turn all sound off with i think either Alt+d or Alt o

the settings box

Posted: 09 Jul 2005, 08:12
by ElvenProgrammer
Open setup window (Alt+C) -> Lower music volume to 0 -> Done

Posted: 09 Jul 2005, 08:15
by mandrake1983
I see... thanx alot!