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The buddy list/ other things

Posted: 20 Jun 2005, 20:34
by Magick
Elven or any of the other programmers. If you can change the color/style of the buddy list please let me know and i will work on a concept art for a new buddy list. The buddy list we have right now is to plaine and people would enjoy it much more with colors.

Also before the next version i would like to know if its possible to change the style of some things. The first thing would be adding some more colors to things instead of everything white and also if the buddy list and chat can be changed at all. If any of this is possible and if not post some comments to my ideas below:

Buddy list- The buddy list should be set up by tabs. There is a tab for add player and a tab for ignore player.

Chat system- Also tabs. A tab for regular chat, a tab for global chat and also a tab for "system"

An example of the system tab would be like: System: You have enterd *** place-

Also it would be helpfull to add a chat for admins that only admins can see.

Another feature i would like to add is again expanding the admin abilites. This would be called "admin global" Wich when you use admin global the message appears over everyones head in the game. (Abuse of this power is not allowed)

The last is the menu system wich i have designed an idea for but i have to finish drawing it to continu. I will post it when i am done with it. Thanks :)


Re: The buddy list/ other things

Posted: 21 Jun 2005, 04:26
by Javila
Magick wrote:Chat system- Also tabs. A tab for regular chat, a tab for global chat and also a tab for "system"
I was thinking about a chat system with tabs some weeks ago... But Guichan haven't a "tabbed pane" widget (like in Java)... Well... If you are able to implement it now, go ahead!!! What are you wainting??? ;-)

Posted: 21 Jun 2005, 07:33
by ElvenProgrammer
Hmm sincerely I didn't take a look at the buddy list yet, but I know someone is working on making online contacts green while offline red. I think ignore list is not needed at the moment, but we will add it soon as well.

We already discussed the way of improving chat system and it's planned for the next release

As Javila said we need to implement tabbed pane first, so it will require some time.

About the global announcement it's already working and implemented (why on the head of people though?)

You're designing a menu? When it's completed just post it somewhere so we can grab your suggestion.

Posted: 21 Jun 2005, 18:27
by Major_Nuggs
what about just being able to use themes and or just customizing the style and colour to your liking?

I did something like this on an old MUD I used to code on and it's quite a bit harder to get it working on that then on something which can use graphics and a lot more colour. :p

it may take a little work but in the end, noone could really complain about the interface of your client and or the colours because they aren't forced to use one specific style. :)


Posted: 21 Jun 2005, 22:09
by Magick
Well by over the players heads i mean when admins want to make a all player announcment. This would be called "admin global" This could be used for events,warnings,or any thing else.

Yes i will work on the menu system soon.

Posted: 21 Jun 2005, 23:59
by Major_Nuggs
Well, that should be easy to do, eh?

I mean, global systems aren't really that hard...

In C you'd just send a message to all the connected players in the globally linked list(f an array... those can cause problems.. why not have unlimited*somewhat, depends on the system running the server*)..

Kinda like the UO servers.. they use an array.. 2d... and there's no point.. use a linked list.. I prefer doubly.. but that's just me.. faster searching for a increase in size.. but on todays systems it shouldn't matter.. especially on server side.. don't run a server if you can't have the resourses.. :p

Anyways, that should be one of the first things to get implemented.. as far as features go.. not on the low level part of the server..



I may just be dumb.

Posted: 24 Jun 2005, 18:45
by ElvenProgrammer
Nah I know global announcements are easy to implement, so it won't be a problem to add it to our server. eAthena already has it. The only thing I don't understand it's why above the head? The message is already showed on the chat window...

Posted: 24 Jun 2005, 23:22
by Magick
Honostly...because it would be cool to show up. People would be like "why did i just talk?" I think there should also be a bubble when you talk and it shows. Inside the bubble will be what your saying. This would be much better i think.

Posted: 11 Jul 2005, 16:22
by Tenche
Yeah Buddylist and Party sounds good Party is inviteing people so u can go and kill monsters and share the xp intread of tanking with your friends i ahte that just a suggestion ;)