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Transport & exp

Posted: 24 Jun 2009, 15:02
by Falloutboy
Hi everyone :D
I'm here to submit several (two) ideas for TMW, I'm played for 4 years and I've been thinking about some things.

- I Thought about items that can transport us instantly from a soul menhir to another.
This would be the occasion to start a new quest. In that way, you could put an NPC in each village & who would ask us to collect (wheneach quest is accomplished, you'll gain experience & an object to transport you):
-> 100 items representatives of Tulimshare
-> 100 items representatives of Hurnscald
-> 100 items representatives of Snowland

- I've seen the difficulty to level up from the high level & I told myself " why wouldn't we wear items to increase the experience after the fights.
When you get a regular item (xp multiplied by 2; 5 or 10), a semi-rare item (xp multiplied by 20 or 50) or a rare item (xp multiplied by 100), you have to go to speak to the NPC who'll give you a spell (your itemwould become a magical one).
But it would only be available when you've already reached level 75.