A new attempt for healing potions;item stuff

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Do you like that way of creating healing items? (see below)

no, I prefer cakes/candys from slimes.
I don't care where my healing items come from.
Total votes: 20
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Post by Talaroc » 28 Sep 2005, 21:41

?? you mean ...effect notgettinghit% I assume.
Whoops...heh, yeah.
One Base thing about shields:
The main use of a shield is to "reroute the attack", NOT to block it.
Maybe the best way to explain it, is like that:
If a claw/sword/ whatever clashes onto a shield in a 90? degree, all
the energy of the slash has to go somewhere. The sword comes to an abrupt
stop. Most probably 2 things happen:
- The sword is forged well and the shield not, which causes the shield to break.
Imagine an axe hitting a tree strunk.
- The hit is too strong for the shieldbearers power, so the shield is
"bounced out of the hands of the wearer"
Yes, I'm aware that they're used as a deflection tool. But, to use a personal example: I study Wing Chun Kung Fu, wherein the theaory in terms of defence is to redirect an opponent's attack rather than use hard blocks like some styles do. This means a good deal less energy is expended by me as the defender, but it doesn't make it an easy task. When you deflect something, unless that something is very weak, there's still a pretty solid amount of force that has to go into the deflection. And that's for doing things that would be the equivalent of hitting the shield against the side of the sword mid-swing; you aren't directly opposing any of the force of the swing. A 45-degree hit on the shield would still require the defender to absorb (roughly) half of the swing's power, lest even the deflected strike knock them back. Even a glancing blow, if it's powerful enoug, is capable of tossing people around. Evasion, on the other hand, implies no contact with the attacker whatsoever; you only have to move around a bit. I'd think it would be much, much easier to concentrate on something like casting a spell while dodging, than while deflecting with your shield.
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Post by xand » 30 Sep 2005, 14:01

Hmm yes, I think you're right.
I was just thinking about a fighter, that uses a spell mid-fight
to boost himself, heal or cast a minor attack spell.
Such an easy and maybe often used spell should go along
fine with a weaker monster. As the defender is maybe very skilled
in using a shield.
But a magician.... I agree with you :D

That leads me to a conclusion.
As Talaroc said, it's a good thing to be interrupted by a hite on th shield.

Increases chance of spell interrupt:
- Spell takes long/is complicated (mighty)
- not completely memorized spell, spellcaster needs to think about it.
- Spellcaster is physically weak and not used holding a shield
- shield itself is hard to handle/heavy
- the Attacker is strong / knows how to interrupt a spell

So I'd suggest some skills:
1) Special memorization technique that lets the spellcaster cast a
spell fast and with few effort even if under pressure.
(depends on spell, pressure, int)
2) the contra: A spellbreakers skill. Maybe some magician hunters
class/race that spent their lives to develop anti-magician techniques.
(depends on the magician, dex/agi of attacker)
3) A special shield skill that adds dodge% to your stats,
(depends on type/weight/size of shield, attack power, dex/agi)

And of course those skills are not really useful if new.
Just a tiny litle chance. But if you get them to master/perfection
it can really influence the outcome of a battle.

What do you think about it ?
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Post by degen » 30 Sep 2005, 14:37

sounds good but i would personaly see a shield skill which brings out more effect of the use of shields (as a shield is heavy, makes it harder to be agile, and reduces sight of opponent (if bvery big)) here i think depending on size of shields and weight, the shield has different effects as a light shield would probably be good for daggers while not very affective against a two-handed weapon which will probably smash it to pieces, whereas the Heavy/large shield will be ahrd to move around with but protects nearly the whole body and has increased absorb of power which will make a large weapon as well as not as large to be absorbed alot on the other hand it will also make it easier to hit.

With this in mind a shield skill/ability will increase the knowledge and addeptivenes in using the shield and moving with it and so lower the penalty or increasing the effect of shield... either one is good in my opinion.

Now regarding Mages, Tank mages:
I would be shocked to see a pure mage running around with a Tower shield (the one that covers the whole body) mostly because of its weight and "clumsynes" and so i would also prefer to see a str related min requiremnt for using such a large shield.

Thats when Tank mage comes in (where you focus more on melee battle stats then mage related stats or vise versa). Which will make it possible to learn shield ability and raise your str to be able to use shields in different sizes. but this will also have a greater affect on the spell department or Battle skills, where you probably can learn spells/battle skills of even higher level but with the low int/str/agi/dex or whatever the skills/spells require, it will not be so effective (maybe even weak) atleast offensive spells/skills and healing/defending spells/skills. while on the other hand a tank mage focus alot on "buffs" and the overall increase of efectiveness against a vast amount of monsters/enemies to increase stats and damage output.

This will also be a reason for going all out mage or "fighter" where some spells/skills perhaps (for mages in a very high level like a mana skill which all mages can focus in which involves the use of mana... mana regen for an eraly example) magic shield or absorb spell will make it possible for mages to increase their dodge / absorb hits on maybe mana or like the spells "Health" which will be lowerd with amount damage absorbed and thus neglect the interrupt that would otherwise had happened.

Since there are mage hunters that specilase in "killing mages" there should also be mages that puts alot of focus in protecting his body and mind so to increase his chances for casting devastating spells. (the absorb shouldnt be 100% but it should be high and depending on attackes/defenders level the % should differ to the highest level advantage atleast with success)

Regarding the Mana skill say that you can get 2 full levels in 2 fields (battle and magery for an example) while some skills are related to a special field say Mana skill cant be higher then your mage skill in a elemtal which would make it impossible for a battle mage (tank mage) to get the highest skills in the "mana skill" the real juicy stuff that is.
the person picks 6 (our of 9 skills) in Battle skills but also picks 6 skills in Water elemtal spells, this unlocks the possibility to learn upto level 6 in mana skills (water level is 6 so therefor he cna master upto level 6 in mana) total amount of skills to learn is 18. and after reading the Wiki i have also seen that there should be a % in skills like (or am i wrong) Fireball 60% where you increase the fireball lvl by using the fireball and get experience in fireball for everytime you use it and so make it more effective or am i wrong? in my example that would meen 18 skills where you can level the skills to 100% by using them in its field of use. with shield in battle skills i guess it should be "deflect blow" and "block blow" where as the deflect gives more exp then the Block would do. and in spells maybe a Critical spell hit gives more exp then a normal.

baah i wrote this much i hope someone is able to read through it all ...
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Post by Mr_J_ » 17 Oct 2005, 20:36

I'd like to see both.
Imagine having to go into town everytime you need to get potions.
Maybe not a problem now, but later on it would be.

I know my pixelated ass has been saved in other games by those ugly dropings of life. Disgusting, but good for you.
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Post by xand » 17 Oct 2005, 21:25

We already said that :)
_If_ implemented there'd be both:
Dropped Potions here and there and every monster gives some special stuff.
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Post by PranaBR » 20 Oct 2005, 22:43

should have stuff's for wizards, the character that have a lot of mana should have good power magics and stuffs owned, like some special skill in weapon that gives "4 aditional damage of fire (ice, etc.. )" and "when charging spells 25% of chance to avoid", they are magic itens, thats good, should be magic sword and special sword too, like "1 life recovery per hit" and "fast atack" , "very fast atack", should be also boots like "+5% to find a good item", and "50% to each monster drop 13 money" (its depende with each monster a stronger monster give more money), should be also special shields, enchanted shields, magic shields, when enchanted some shield increase damage, or elemental damage, or increases the chance to apart with sword, two hands swords, maces, rod?s, staffs, and rings and amulets also, like "increase 1 life per 3 seconds and increase 1 mana per 3 seconds", these are just suggestion, if you dont agrre dont talk bad of me, talk also your ideas and itens that should being createds, i hope a great imagnationa nd good ideas of all to give sugetsion itens, who knows the better sugestion are going to be created ? :wink:
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Post by PranaBR » 20 Oct 2005, 23:05


link is broken
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Post by Crush » 21 Oct 2005, 01:27

the whole wiki is broken.

but that's nothing new.
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Post by xand » 21 Oct 2005, 01:40

Try it now (wiki) and you get the nice apache2 default :D

Seems as if soon we will have a new reliable wiki server.
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