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A new attempt for healing potions;item stuff

Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 14:48
by xand
1.) healing potions:
I somehow dislike the Idea of maggots/slimes dropping sweets and then
my poor character has too eat those :P
So how about that:

Every Monster has a unique drop of something that is linked to the monster
somehow. Like BugLegs, Stingers, whatever...

Now you collect those. In the city is a guy that is specialized on extracting
Life essence/mana out of that parts. He mixes potions depending on the
kind of item you gave him.

-> Weak monsters give weak potions,
-Stronger monsters hold more mana/life essence and so stronger potions will be created.
-And very special drops hold a special power that can be used to create
something like the only antidote against a special disease or a power booster...


That would also clean everything up a bit and balance healing items I think.
Well I dislike eating candy canes/ * cake/gingerbread man/chocolate bar as
healing potion... :twisted: Altough it seems to be a leftover from Santa

My other suggestion is to use the sprites currently in the client
and create more weapons (also to get rid of the gap between
Dagger ATK+15 and Shortsword ATK+100 :!:)

Some new weapons here:

Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 15:00
by Kineticstorm
That sounds like a cool idea to me. 8)

Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 15:54
by Rotonen
This is similar to what we're actually going to have in the future, I guess there just isn't a wiki page about this yet.

Until we have our own server I guess it's not worth implementing. (Feel free to plan it thoroughly in regard of our gamesystem, though.)


Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 19:25
by Bear
you need to think about the people who dislike doing a quest/collecting multiple items for potions >.>

I for one, dont like to collect items for potions, you should be able to just buy them or just get one right from monsters.

Imagine your in a cave with no way of being revived after you die, and your at 10 HP, but you see a easy monster that MAY drop a healing potion! If the monster had 0% chance to drop a healing item. Then that would majorly suck >.>

Little hope is better than no hope at all

Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 19:31
by xand
Ok, what we have by now:

Maggot: Maggot Slime, Bugleg
Scorpion: Stinger, Bugleg
Big Maggot: Bugleg
Green Slime: -
Yellow Slime: -
Red Scorpion: Red Stinger
Red Slime: -
Black Scorpion: -
Spider: -
Snake: -

Maggot: Maggot Slime
Scorpion: Stinger
Big Maggot: Bugleg
Green Slime: slime's essence (green)
Yellow Slime: slime's essence (yellow)
Red Scorpion: Red Stinger
Red Slime: slime's essence (red)
Black Scorpion: Black scorpion Stinger (easy and logical :P )
Spider: Spider shell
Snake: Snake's Teeth

And that gives my an Idea: maybe a quest to collect Snake's Teeth w. poison
for a local Healer/Merchant to create a powerful antidote.

ElvenProgrammer let me do that quest and add it :D

Oh and I'd suggest that they drop it seldom but the drop is worth multiple potions.
As mostly tons of cheap drops tend to annoy players.
And few high quality drops are much better.
Sounds like a new poll :twisted:

Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 19:38
by ElvenProgrammer
xand: Of course you have my permission, but as always we need the graphics for it.

Bear: that's not completely true, in a dungeon you could still find medical herbs which you can kill and chew their drop to regain some health.

Re: re

Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 19:38
by xand
Bear wrote: Imagine your in a cave with no way of being revived after you die, and your
at 10 HP, but you see a easy monster that MAY drop a healing potion! If the
monster had 0% chance to drop a healing item. Then that would majorly suck >.>

Well but be honest: Would a Cake +20HP really help ?
And we have multiple monsters by now that don't drop useful healing
items or just very seldom.

But anyway:
That's planning. :twisted:
If you go into a very dangerous cave without enough supplies, well then
no one can help you. Except Elven's GM powers....
No, serious: What about the health recovery ? And what about fleeing ?

Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 19:44
by Kineticstorm
I think there should be two options to get potions:
Buy from NPCs/Players or
Create them by quest/NPC (or manually by using an alchemy skill or something)

There should be some enemies that drop healing potions like humanoid enemies. For example bandits, knights, and zombies (they had potions on them before they died).

Also, there should be enemies that drop healing items (fruits, herbs) like forest creatures and wild animals.

I think there should also be very rare healing items that you can't buy from NPCs. Items that you have to search around the world for, like a very rare fruit that only falls off special rare trees in certain forest or a rare flower that blooms only on the highest mountains that has the power to heal anyone who inhales it's scent. Stuff like that... :wink:

Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 19:57
by xand
I don't think of it as questing...
It's just that you get essence of a monster on a regular basis, and
from that you get stronger Potions.
As you said some could also drop direct healing items, that could heal
a little on its own and more if combined.

Or maybe there is a "default" Potion that gets it's healing power from
such items, and if you put an itemdrop into your Potion it becomes stronger.
(on it's own: +20HP, with red stinger +60HP)
And my idea is that it's always like 1 drop = gives 8-15 Potions.
But not every 2nd enemy drops it. More like every 10-20th

Of course you could always buy potions in cities...
Thats one of the main aspects of Merchants: They sell portable healing.
And were do they get their strong/medium/weak potions?...
That would give a nice explanation for the source of potions. :D

Re: A new attempt for healing potions;item stuff

Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 21:23
by Talaroc
xand wrote:Some new weapons here:
I just had a question about this...
why would a shield increase your chance to dodge? The point of having a shield is to block; it would actually seem to me that shields should decrease your chance to dodge.

Posted: 27 Sep 2005, 22:22
by xand
Thats what I thought too (some time ago), but it's not only Dodge%, it's also NotgettingHit%
You can hide behind the shield and avoid getting hit.
So physically the opponent just hits your shield and does no damage.
Same as if he hits air :P

System behind is that even a 0 damage hit is counted as a successful hit,
whilst a "miss" is a miss :P

There's a difference between "The monster hits you and does damage, but 0 as you are vital" and "The monster wasn't able to touch your body."
As such a hit tends to cancel Magic, but a successful dodge/ hit on the
shield can't cancel Magic.

Posted: 28 Sep 2005, 01:02
by Bjørn
xand wrote:Thats what I thought too (some time ago), but it's not only Dodge%, it's also NotgettingHit%.
This would be fine but I think it would be cool if:

- a miss would sound different than a hit on a shield,
- the shield had some durability that would wear off for each successful block.

Posted: 28 Sep 2005, 06:25
by Talaroc
Yeah. If anything, "miss" and "dodge" should be the same thing, whereas blocks should be a zero-damage hit that reduces shield durability (if you're carrying one). After all, if you're holding a shield and someone smacks it, you still have to absorb the impact; it just doesn't hurt you. So that would still disrupt magic and everything. Dodging, on the other hand, means you don't have to absorb anything, so that would count as a miss.

Basically, my idea:
You've got notgettinghit% and block%.
Higher dodge skill or whatnot increases notgettinghit% but doesn't effect block%.
Higher proficiency with shields (or hand-to-hand blocking) increases block% but doesn't effect block%.
Carrying a shield increases block% by a lot, but reduces notgettinghit%--thus, shields are useful for melee fighters and the like, but not so much for magic users, who would instead work on dodge.
Successful blocking is a hit (cancels magic) that does 0 damage. Your notgettinghit% doesn't effect your chance to block.
Successful dodging is a miss (doesn't cancel magic). Your block% doesn't effect your chance to dodge.

Posted: 28 Sep 2005, 15:08
by xand
Talaroc wrote: Higher proficiency with shields (or hand-to-hand blocking) increases block% but doesn't effect block%.
?? you mean ...effect notgettinghit% I assume.

One Base thing about shields:
The main use of a shield is to "reroute the attack", NOT to block it.
Maybe the best way to explain it, is like that:
If a claw/sword/ whatever clashes onto a shield in a 90? degree, all
the energy of the slash has to go somewhere. The sword comes to an abrupt
stop. Most probably 2 things happen:
- The sword is forged well and the shield not, which causes the shield to break.
Imagine an axe hitting a tree strunk.
- The hit is too strong for the shieldbearers power, so the shield is
"bounced out of the hands of the wearer"

A = enemy with sword
B = Defender with shield
A tries to hit B but his sword hits the shield in a 45?degree angle and slides
along the edges of the shield and passes by B. B is standing still, and only
moves his left arm a bit to let the attack be rerouted along his side.
A looses his balance as the force of his attack goes into thin air.
B's magic sentence is spoken, and a timestop suddenly strikes A, who's
just trying to launch another sword hit :P

Seems easier than getting a numb arm from the hit B has to absorb
completely. :P
That's what would happen if B is strong enough to withstand an expl.
20kg Force hitting his shield (and it's only hold in the left hand)

Posted: 28 Sep 2005, 15:22
by Modanung
Hhmmm... that would allow B to counter A's attack and to stab him in the side when he's out of balance... hhhmmm.
I'm thinking whether this is a good idea or not. It would make fighting less boring if we'd have more things like this. Maybe blocking/dodging in the first place could be done active.
But I don't think it would work with lag and all.