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Discord Team Chat

Posted: 10 Nov 2016, 20:23
by Saulc
For players who are the most invested in the guild,We created a Discord server call MAF Clan TMW.
Official link:

What is Discord ?

Discord is a free proprietary VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Linux and in a web browser. As of July 2016, the software had been used by over 11 million users.
The Discord application is designed for use while gaming, including features such as low latency and dedicated server infrastructure, preventing the sharing of IP addresses. As well as voice chat via server rooms, the development team plan to add video calling, and screen sharing.
While the software itself comes at no cost, the developers are investigating ways to monetize it, with possible options including paid customization options such as emoji or stickers.
More features here:

Why we use this software ?

Before we use Skype but after lot of bugs and the difficulty of organizing conversations we take choice to use a new systeme of chat.
Finally we chose to use Discord for these features that allow us to make group calls.
 As well as to keep a track with text chat but especially to have a more advanced customization.

How to join ?

First you need to be in clan 8)
For moment to join server you need to get private invitation, for that you just need to add to your friends list a person who has the required level to invite you in the group.
So currently you can add MAF-Saulc#5410 and Crazyfefe#1356
(This list needs to be updated)
add friends.PNG
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How looks Discord ?

This is TMW Clan page:
discord.PNG (148.92 KiB) Viewed 2135 times
Official link:

Thanks a lot for player who use MAF tag into their game name :alt-9: