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Guild commands

Posted: 11 Nov 2016, 18:36
by Saulc
In the guild we have 3 different grades:

Leader can kick a member from the guild chat, promote another guild member(up to your level), and disband the guild.

!remove <Name>
* Remove the char named <Name> from your guild.
* Disbands your guild.
!setaccess <access level> <Name>
*gives <access level> to <Name>,

Lieutenant can invite and change guild login message (!setmodt).

!invite <Name>
* Invite the char named <Name> in your guild.
!setmotd <message>
* Set message of the day.
* Remove message of the day.

Member can use chat.

* Displays command help.
* Displays guild information
* Show names of all players who are online in huild.
* Show names of all players who are register in guild.
* Guild will display connection messages and other information.
* Hide guild information messages.
* Makes you quit the guild chat.