[README] How to use this section

This section is for reporting bugs or any sort of issues found in the test server.
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[README] How to use this section

Post by WildX » 20 Jan 2019, 15:18

Always use a title that explains the issue and use tags when appropriate.

Title tags:

[TEST]: For developers looking for tester feedback on content that is added to the test server. All reports regarding that specific thing should be made within the thread to ensure the developer(s) can keep track of everything and stay in contact with testers more easily.

[BUG]: For reporting a bug on the test server. For bugs on the live server use the Bug reports section instead.

Any questions or discussions about testing, the test server, or this section should be posted in the section, untagged.

How to report:

See the wiki page for more info on testing in general as well as how to accurately report bugs.
https://wiki.themanaworld.org/index.php ... ing_Server