Discuss needs, if you need for help.

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Discuss needs, if you need for help.

Post by Rubikon » 29 Jun 2020, 15:10

Hello Themanaworld.

I thought about such an idea and came to the conclusion that a post like this is the right one for someone. I thought to open this post if anyone wants:
* Help with anything related to the game.
If you need something, for example: you need a mission team and you can ask for one here and decide on the right time for everyone.
You also need help searching for an article, search for it here.
You are looking for another person to accompany you in the war, look for it here and set the right time.
I am here to offer help, for every player in the game without any differences between them. You are all the same to me, and we are all friends.
I also strongly believe that everyone without distinction can offer help, for all those who ask for help in relation to everything that the game offers. So thank you for reading this post and also thank you if you share the same opinion on this.
Sincerely Rubikon.

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Re: Discuss needs, if you need for help.

Post by Ledmitz » 03 Jul 2020, 15:35

Great post. I'll second that and add that I enjoy helping out a little when I can too. I'm AFK a lot so if I don't message back right away, it's because of that or sometimes the volume is off too when a show is playing. I'm not well suited for all quests now, but will join in any party for a little action if I can be of help.

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