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Event Idea: Looking for Feedback

Posted: 07 Sep 2019, 19:38
by +seeds
The idea I came up with is a scavenger hunt type event.
It's a little complicated, though, and requires 5 people to run it.
NOTE: This is NOT an event notice, I am only asking for feedback to polish this idea.

The idea is that 5 players will be placed around the world. These players play the part, basically, of NPCs. Each of these players will have a store of
tickets, and each one will have a differently colored ticket than all the other "NPCs". They will also have a list of 15 different objectives, or items to
scavenge for. Such items might include maggot slimes, bug legs, or dark crystals. As the event progresses, each player who is participating in the
event will go to the first "NPC", and will receive one of 15 different objectives (there are 15 because then each player will have a different objective).
After receiving their objective, they will have to hunt for the items required and bring them back to the player (they will be asked not to use their bank
if possible). After they bring the items back, they will receive a colored ticket and a clue to the next "NPC's" position. When they find the next "NPC",
they will be given another objective, but part of that objective will be to bring them the colored ticket that the last "NPC" gave them. This makes it
impossible for players to skip "NPCs" without trading for another player's colored ticket. The event will have a start and end time. At the end of the
event, depending on what color ticket players have, they will be given a certain prize (most likely GP in varying amounts). The first 3 players to finish
the event (assuming anybody finishes at all) will be given an item prize as well as some GP.

Any feedback is helpful! :alt-3:
Please feel free to poke holes in my idea if you see any. :alt-6:

Re: Event Idea: Looking for Feedback

Posted: 28 Sep 2019, 08:26
by HaloNott
Hmm, a quest like this you'd want real npcs as backup in case there's no one to play with. Then it might be the same as those scavenger quests NPCs give anyway.

Also players might log out or lose connection in which case the event cannot be completed. Players("NPCs") would also have to stay in one spot for the tickets to work. Unless they were veterans I suppose, in which case I guess it's like hide and seek. I think the most fun would be if veterans were free to play where ever.

On another note, I think the main thing about events would be to automise it. Make it so it could just start on it's own with real npcs. This way you could just renew anytime you like without having to spend time recruiting people.

I'd say make graphics to announce events. Set unique looking NPCs to spawn. And make it so that cool and unusual drops come up during this time.

Made some pics for you. :alt-3:

viewtopic.php?f=36&t=20784&p=159262#p159262 More NPCs lol

Hmm I wonder if it's fine to scatter my artwork all over the site. :?:

Re: Event Idea: Looking for Feedback

Posted: 01 Oct 2019, 16:01
by +seeds
Thanks for the feedback Halonott :alt-3:
By the way I really like those graphics, especially the scavenger sign!

One of the problems with adding NPCs and drops is that changes the game, and would have to be implemented by a developer (or GM?).
There is no more development being made on the Legacy server, and even if we could get a Hercules developer to help, I'm not sure that
it is possible to develop Legacy anymore.
I do agree that player-run quests have the possible problem of players disconnecting, but I can't really see how we would fix that.
And one of the main attractions of CRC and GM events for me is that it is player (or GM) run, and I wouldn't really want to go to an
event where all the interaction is with NPCs. At that point, it just becomes another quest to me. :alt-6:

Re: Event Idea: Looking for Feedback

Posted: 12 Oct 2019, 09:12
by HaloNott
Lol at the very least I could say something with the potential for so many hugs would great in a community of Wonky World existed. Lol viewtopic.php?f=4&t=20748

Maybe we should convert a copy of legacy to Wonky World. Keep the original and goof up with a copy lol. :alt-3: