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Ingame Txt

Post by Bear » 03 Nov 2005, 02:13

Hey there, iv been busy and havent been able to get on the forums for a long time. But here i am with a suggestion !

The TEXT!!
When you chat, you see green, thats ok . But when a player is chatting and you see it in the box, its hard to see! Yellow on a semi-yellow background. And i think it shouldnt be yellow >.> maybe .....i dunno what color, but yellow hurts in any environment.

I strained to see what ppl were typing and i have 20/20 vision la
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Post by Tenche » 03 Nov 2005, 02:47

yeah it is...
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Post by PAPA FAILURE » 15 Nov 2005, 11:53

I am in agreement with Bear, yellow is a poor choice of text color.

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