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Post by Nimza » 09 Feb 2006, 20:25

I'm sorry if I missed something in this conversation, so don't get angry if I repeat something writing this. I wrote it on notepad so that I will have a copy of it incase I can't get it posted, or something happens.

The Mana World - suggestion for suggested Death spell - suggestion on making it useful but not so over-powered ( 09.02.2006 , 21:24 )

I think Death should be a spell that have a 35%-50% chance to work (percentage could be just 50% if developers wish so)
and it can be used agains enemies/targets that have something like
10% of their health left or 6% of their health left.

I think this makes the death spell sort of a speed-up in killing the target,
which could be of a good use especially if the enemy is stronger than you
like by 10 or more levels, or is just really strong creature, OR has like
10k or 800% more hp than creatures on average to the same level
than it is.

On not-so-strong enemies this might not be much of an advantage when you slowly gain levels and get stronger, since they become easier and
worthier to just figh in the normal manner.. Besidesthe Death spell has that chance to fail, remember?

This would disable the mass-power-killing (I hope you get what I'm trying to say)
with this spell, since it would be quite limited with the chance of success,
and of the enemy health requirements. Also, it would be like "you must
weaken the enemy to be able to defeat it." meaning that you have to
have fought it hard before you can try your luck (and use mana.)

But enemies that have sick hitpoints (few hundred thousand like
462500hp) maybe should have a requirement of 5%-2% health left, or
even 1%, sice otherwise it would be somewhat "easy to kill" when it
would be quite alot hp taken. Sure, fighting something that strong is slow,
but the Death spell ain't there to let you kill it on sight ;)

What do you think about that? I think it would be pretty well balanced. (says me :/ )
What comes to the % of health required to be left on the enemy, it would
be nice to have a "counter" in the spell, that would show the percentage
required for your current target, and show it in red, and when the enemy
has it, or less of hp, it would turn green/cyan to indicate that you can
start trying to cast the spell on the enemy.
Downside would be that you might be failing to cast it (bad luck :p ) so it takes
mana and time. And, also health from you, especially when facing strong adversaries.
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Post by Nimza » 09 Feb 2006, 20:58

The Mana World - suggestion for suggested Death spell - suggestion on making it more balanced, and other spells too ( 09.02.2006 , 21:58 )

Oh yeah, that Exhaustion could be a good way to balance "Death" bit
more, for it would be alot wiser to wait for the Exhaustion to go away,
since trying to do Death too many times would actually make you really
vulnerable if you have to be drinking mana potions/eating mana
restorative foods, and cannot cast so much and many spells in short time
to kill your enemy. Also, if "Death" succeeds, you'd have to wait the
Exhaustion to return into 0 (zero) to be at your maximum powers again.

Fighting enemies when weakened in the fields of mana amount, maybe
also spell damage -0.45% / -1%, would be quite of a disadvantage during
a fight. This would put the people taking advantage of spells to almost
automatically wait to be at full powers again, so it also decreases
massacring enemies with spells (and maybe some other skills in future.)

But when you dont fight for 10 seconds, the Exhaustion would be
decreasing double/triple fast.
Depending on the spell, the points of Exhaustion (if the spell is one that
has them) are removed from max mana as 3 times greater amount.

For example, (non-existent spell in current list)
Arcane Blastwave [level 5] :
Cost 130 mana/cast.
Damage 158-270 to all enemies inside 3 squares all directions from you.
Cooldown 7 seconds.
Exhaustion: 23 (reduces max_mana-(23*3) = 69 mana from the maximum possible, making 500max mana into 431max mana for a while if this spell is cast once.

Exhaustion could be going down 2 points/second as a default value (or something)
but some skill/s could make the amount of Exhaustion penalty removed
per second to grow each level trained. Exhaustion penalty for the spell would
be bit greater each spell-level, so if you just wanna get more power on
spells, there would be more time to wait until you are at your full power.

So how does this sound like?
Should be a good way to balance some/specific spells a bit.

made some sort of a clumsy thing here, so not 100% sure if I got all meant text in here :/ hope I did since the accident happened in notepad :p
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D&D style saving throws

Post by AndyG314 » 14 Mar 2006, 01:02

Another way to implement the death magic is to use a D&D style saving thow system, where there is a random chance of the event working, but the attacker and defender both get to add their bonesus to swing the random number one way or another.

This worked good in NWN
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