Guild commands

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2. You have no obligations apart from respecting the rules. We want you to enjoy your TMW experience.
3. You can also belong to only one Guild/Clan.
4. No Hateful language about race, religion, country, skills (Ex.: Pro vs. Noob), political beliefs, gender, etc.
5. Treat others the same way you would like to be treated.
6 Do not do noob and stupid things when you're high level.
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9: Always follow the game rules.
10: The Clan is free. NO political, religious or social belief should be discussed here.
11. Everybody can leaves the Clan when they want. Just require to say "Good Bye".
12. You need to know what this list of words mean: Apana, Baler, and Kalmurk.
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Guild commands

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In the guild we have 3 different grades:

Leader can kick a member from the guild chat, promote another guild member(up to your level), and disband the guild.

!remove <Name>
* Remove the char named <Name> from your guild.
* Disbands your guild.
!setaccess <access level> <Name>
*gives <access level> to <Name>,

Lieutenant can invite and change guild login message (!setmodt).

!invite <Name>
* Invite the char named <Name> in your guild.
!setmotd <message>
* Set message of the day.
* Remove message of the day.

Member can use chat.

* Displays command help.
* Displays guild information
* Show names of all players who are online in huild.
* Show names of all players who are register in guild.
* Guild will display connection messages and other information.
* Hide guild information messages.
* Makes you quit the guild chat.
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