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The Magic Arrow Guild of Enchanters

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Forum rules
1. The clan is a big family and we are united. It would be interesting and pleasant for all of us to help each other out at times to become the best one!
2. You have no obligations apart from respecting the rules. We want you to enjoy your TMW experience.
3. As the clan is closely game related (guilds), you can only belong to one clan/guild.
4. No Hateful language about race, religion, country, skills (Ex.: Pro vs. Noob), political beliefs, gender, etc.
5. Treat others the same way you would like to be treated.
6 Do not do noob and stupid things when you're high level.
7. Don't spam (That includes trade spam).
8. No Nudity/Sexually explicit content.
9. Always follow the game rules.
10. The Clan is free. NO political, religious or social belief should be discussed here.
11. Everybody can leave the Clan when they want. Just require to say "Good Bye" in a forum post.
12. Level 70+ required to join guild
13. You need to own a Wizard Hat or Wizard Staff to join (show it in-game to a member to prove you have it)
14. If you leave the Clan 3 times you may not come back
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