We're now on Matrix!

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We're now on Matrix!

Post by jesusalva »

So, after Modanung came around and chatted a while, WildX had the brilliant idea that we should set up a Matrix instance, because why not. It is more modern and FLOSS, and offers almost the same User Experience you find in Discord except without spywares.

So we are now on Matrix! You can still join our IRC servers with either Gamja webclient or Kiwi webclient (or any other IRC client you happen to have and like), but from time begin, the forum link has been updated to point to Matrix's one.
  • Our space is at https://matrix.to/#/#tmw:matrix.org - join it if you're familiar with Matrix
  • And you can join just the general chat with https://matrix.to/#/#themanaworld:libera.chat instead. This is currently the preferred use.
  • You can join the space (Discord Server equivalent) later if you want, there's also a Jitsi channel.
  • Keep in mind #themanaworld, #themanaworld-dev and #moubootaur-legends are bridged to IRC and Discord, and send messages unencrypted; while Matrix and Irukard's Corner are not.
  • Team channels are NOT on Matrix; But staff can join after setting up SASL.
  • We may or may not expand Matrix use in the future.
Some third-party disclaimers...
  • Moubootaur Legends general channel is on the space for your convenience - it is not managed by The Mana World Team, nor will we add Moubootaur Legends specific channels.
  • The channels bridges are offered and maintained by Libera Chat and associates, not by us - We are not responsible for eventual downtimes.
  • elanore remains in IRC because she won the last popularity contest against SUSAN and Numa so she gets to choose. It definitely isn't because we're lazy. You can use her from the Matrix room, but we haven't added #themanaworld-spam yet (but we may do so in future).
As with Discord, Irukard's Corner refers to voice/video channel but they're not linked. Have fun!

If you end up in #themanaworld:matrix.org space, you'll find our official space as a subspace because subspaces are cool. It totally isn't because I'm a noob who didn't knew about aliases.
Jesusalva (aka. Jesusaves)
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Re: We're now on Matrix!

Post by Hello=) »

1. IRC is not matrix. Period. If someone wants matrix, good. Let them have link or something. I dont mind it - as separate link. Why on earth you should point IRC to matrix remains mistery to me and looks unexpected at best, doing good in abusive TMWTish ways at most. Jes been fast to sort it out :)

1,1 Can I also suggest to put net name and channel on some visible place, e.g. near link or so? Just in case someone uses real IRC client so they can just /join channels, not "click links" leading hell knows where or why? IRC isn't web either. And its quite annoying to digest chan name and net from some links. Eventually it makes life of ppl like me much harder - not easier. Have I said team good at driving off techies away? That's one of examples being unfriendly to geeks. Jes also sorted it out.

1.2 Additionally, default client of Libera is KiwiIRC. I'm not sure why link should try to be smarter than libera itself - showing some experimental client. Personally I dont really like their new client. It very picky about configuration where it works, etc. I've met couple of configs where it simply failed to render. KiwiIRC seems to be less picky about that. At least I've not seen it failing stupid ways.It also no longer case.

2. I dont use Matrix but compared to Discord that definitely more welcome... also matrix got order of magnitude better gateway to IRC, capable of introducing Matrix users as IRC users. Which is quite cool. And example how one should make gateways. I wonder if this discord thing can do something similar (well, it needs some advanced setup like sizable ipv6 subnet to uniquely introduce users and maybe arranging it with Libera staff but on other hand it makes things less awkward in many aspects). Credits for idea to set up Matrix presence go to WildX.

3. I'd say it could be nice to keep communities bridged so some area only accessible via matrix isn't very good. Can lead to ton of confusion who said what and where. This isn't such a big community to spread it across different partially inaccessible corners. Let keep it bridged - or it would end up dissipating alltogether I guess.

4. Encryption of public channel is ... well, in anyhow populated chat info could - and would - leak in uncontrolled manner. So its good to have, but other than that.. better dont count on this too much for anyhow popular channels.

p.s. damn, I wish other bugfixes were fast and efficient like what I've seen right now from Jes. Hey Jes, thanks for sorting stuff out - and even addressing certain long term annoyance these things had in process.
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