Public staff meetings

Where game and project announcements are made.
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Public staff meetings

Post by WildX »

The Mana World Team meetings are traditionally opened to the wider public for at least part of each meeting. The public portion of TMWT meetings will be announced here including times, dates and a short summary of what will be the main topics of discussion.
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Re: Public staff meetings

Post by jesusalva »

The next TMW Development Team public meeting is scheduled to happen

Friday 21st, 20:30 UTC at Legacy's Hurnscald Theater

Will either end or have a coffee break at 22:00, and will stick to the agenda.
This is strictly an orderly development meeting; we will use @mute and possibly kick offenders from the room if things ever start getting out of hand, so if you plan in attending, please behave :-) Healthy environment, healthy discussions, healthy game.

Meeting Agenda:
  • Evolved fixes (help wanted)
  • Magic Rewrite
  • Stretch Goal, next milestone: Tonori (Dreaded Marley), Argaes (The Reaper) or Kaizei (Porthos)
  • TMW rEvolt progress reports and related discussion
  • Steam Release progress reports and related discussion
  • Changes to TMW Legacy (Iilia Rewards)
  • Developer and Super Developer ingame capabilities (and possibly GMs as well)
  • Discuss possible guidelines/changes for new and existing items, skills, weapons, etc in regards to gameplay balance. e.g. Illia Items and their requirements vs bonuses OR stats of use to a class vs costs, etc.

Part of the meeting may be restricted if/when 1- we are discussing events, and these are more fun without spoilers; 2- are still just planning, and we don't like to count with the eggs before the chicken: We all agreed TMWT already broke enough promises, hence, why our last 10 meetings or so have been secret or half secret.

Meeting held in North Woodlands Mines - 018-1 of the Legacy Server. Friday 21 Jan 2022.The meeting begun at about 20:00 UTC and was adjourned at 23:57 UTC.

Present TMWT Members: Ledmitz, Jesusalva, Hocus, WildX, Hello=), poppet, HoraK
Justified TMWT Absences: Reid, Micksha, jak1
Present Guests: matto, Livio, butters, Natt, Rill, nucleus, xarxax, The Great Awakening, mifritscher, qu1que
  • Gameplay style should not be over-reliant on crits Passed with 4 pro, 2 abs, 1 against
  • We may nerf Ragers crits, but we will make up by raising normal attack or lowering def penalty Passed as consensus
  • Troll Book for all class Passed with 5 pro, 2 abs, 0 against
  • Move @charitemlist, @charstoragelist and @setvar to GM 80 Passed with 4 pro, 3 abs, 0 against
  • HoraK's backport of Chronos:
    • No hard-reset to Boss Points: Passed with 1 vote against
    • All Hats should be featured: Passed with 4 pro, 1 abs, 2 against
    • Note: TMWT reserves the right to decide prices and adjust boss point gain and sources, as well as do adopt measures against multi-boxing, at any time and if the devs deem necessary for game balance.
  • HoraK's Seasoned Warrior (Iilia Prize Exchange):
    • Quest locked: Passed with 4 pro, 1 abs, 2 against
    • Free Exchange: Passed with 3 pro, 2 abs, 2 against
    • Can exchanges multiple times: Passed with 3 pro, 2 abs, 2 against
    • Evolved Rule Enforcement: Passed with 4 pro, 1 abs, 2 against
    • Note: The Evolved Rule dictates all content on Legacy must also be present on Evolved, either by contributor's initiative, or by the dev which merges the content on Legacy. (Manually converted, or using 4144's converter). While this may duplicate efforts, team should go all roughly in the same direction, plus some other considerations.
Note: Guest votes were not counted, but we have screenshots. (They weren't disregarded :wink: )

PS. "Justified TMWT Absences" - People who reached out asking the absence to be justified. This is the summary.
Jesusalva (aka. Jesusaves)
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Re: Public staff meetings

Post by EJlol »

orderly meeting? That's not how I remember these meetings :P
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Re: Public staff meetings

Post by Hello=) »

Somehow it's been quite okay in my book. Ppl decided to change location for public part as Theater isn't exactly well accessible or known place, and in new place around mines I had to killmonser2/warn not to interfere by fight-spams - but just once. Other than that it's IMO been quite workable, more or less civilized, some arguments were made, some decisions happened. Some discussions before voting were long, and meeting took sizable time, but in the end I think few new ideas were born, some things were amended, and overall... it wasn't bad I'd say. I believe even drama amounts were limited.
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