[LEGACY] Black Rose to teleport to Ruined Swamp

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[LEGACY] Black Rose to teleport to Ruined Swamp

Post by cuoco »

Black Rose (consumed)
Level 60
300 Boss Points
Usable once every hour (like a towel)

The spell #reapercry or a new one would also check this three requirements and if they are met, it teleports you to the Ruined Swamp.
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Re: [LEGACY] Black Rose to teleport to Ruined Swamp

Post by ginosuper »

I second this
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Re: [LEGACY] Black Rose to teleport to Ruined Swamp

Post by Søren »

In my opinion this could be a great idea, in the past i propose a idea similary but with other item.
i think could be much better if they do it with a item called "Flawled Lens" <- This one is more difficult to get than the Black Rose i guess.

My idea could be we can make a spell that automatically teleports you quickly to the Swamp when you use that spelll

Maybe the spell can have like name #swampdramp <- XD l'm just proposing my idea :v
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Re: [LEGACY] Black Rose to teleport to Ruined Swamp

Post by pvcarlos7 »

I support the motion
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Re: [LEGACY] Black Rose to teleport to Ruined Swamp

Post by WildX »

Got you this
IRC wrote:[11:51] <WildX> viewtopic.php?t=21350 probably deserves a dev response at this point
[11:51] <WildX> even if it's just "do it yourself"

[18:29] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> WildX: Needs 15 votes
[18:29] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> hides
[18:41] <WildX> No it doesn't
[18:41] <WildX> don't let voting block development
[18:44] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> What I mean is
[18:44] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> There's already something similar but different on Evolved.
[18:44] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> (Hence the lack of hurry)
[18:44] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> And it can't be simple a token item for balance reasons
[18:45] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> Swamps can yield great exp, but if you die, you need to farm Zombies to go back, so you avoid death and play smartlu
[18:45] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> * smartly
[18:46] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> Which is why any alternative would need to involve non-trivial consumables as well
[18:47] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> Of course, players would get very happy being able to die there as much as they want, but this would do no favor to the already not so great balance we have 🙂
[18:47] <ManaDiscord> <Jesusalva> Getting rid of the "you need two players to reach swamps" is an OK thing, though
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