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Content and general development discussion, including quest scripts and server code. TMW Classic is a project comprising the Legacy tmwAthena server & the designated improved engine server based on evolHercules.

Forum rules

This forum houses many years of development, tracing back to some of the earliest posts that exist on the board.

Its current use is for the continued development of the server and game it has always served: TMW Classic.

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[README] Topic Tags

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Please use the following tags in topic subjects of development forums where appropriate:

Topic category

[DIS] - Discussion topic
[WIP] - Work In Progress topic
[FND] - Finished work

[REQ] - Request content (only for developers, users should make a content suggestion instead)
[README] - Important information topic (only for forum mods and admins)

Project name

If you are posting in the general development forum, feedback forum or anywhere else outside the project-specific dev forums, you should use the following tags to help your posts stand out:

[CL] or [CLASSIC] - TMW: Classic and development related to the tmwAthena server (Tag was previously [LY] or [LEGACY]).
[EV] - TMW: Evolved and development related to the evolHercules server
[SM] - Source of Mana and development related to Godot Engine
[ML] - Moubootaur Legends

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