200% xp sunday

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200% xp sunday

Post by ThinkSome »

It finally happened.

After players bravely defended Hurnscald from the Monster King invasion, the mayors of Hurnscald, LoF, Tulimshar and Nivalis have conspired together to raise server xp to 200%.

Enjoy while it lasts :)

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Re: 200% xp sunday

Post by jesusalva »

For those whom are not aware, in Moubootaur Legends, experience bonus events are in hands of players, but the increments are small and can only be used after something happens (winning a siege, collecting taxes from shops and using it, etc).

Only exception the 10% experience bonus on weekends.

To date, this might as well be the first time that we got 200% (or 2×) for a day since Moubootaur Legends foundation in 2018. It's quite a feat.

Congratulations to all players for their coordination!

Jesusalva (aka. Jesusaves)
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