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News (Archived and missing)

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The last news entry in game was on 2022-11-20. No new entries were made due to the news file having grown too large. A new news file will be generated and will show a link to this post, which will also contain the old, archived news file (attached). This post goes back 2 years to ensure nothing was missed and details were added.

You can view a full list of up-to-date merges to master(test)here: ... ate=merged
Some of the latest merges may not be live in game yet

In the past 2 years(summary):
-Many text corrections and minor edits
-Many display corrections in equipment/sprites
-Many map fixes
-Many license updates
-Many description changes in client-data
-Assassin set and Mana Pearl added
-Added missing minimaps
-Luca and Manaseed rewards added
-Unltd Terranite Helmet bug fixed
-Many changes to upmarmu
-Female Assassin Mask added
-Daily points drain bug fixed for characters over 110
-Brawling bonuses added to Assassin suit
-Mana Pearl quest exp reduced
-Pumpkin SFX added
-Chronos fixes
-Boss fight BP becomes scaled based on level
-Nerf MDEF for Poltergeist (-5), Lightning Ball (-15), The Lost (-10), Witch Guard (-20), JackO (-2), Zombie (-1), Fallen (-2), Terranite (-5), Reaper (-10), Nutcracker (-5), Swashbuckler (-2), Grenadier (-10), Anne (-5), and Tormenta (-20)
-Less eyes are needed for crypt fights
-Nerf Audsbel asked Grass Snake Tongues from 50 to 40
-Wumpus Egg changed to Tomato by ID
-More mobs added to Evil Obelisk
-Grenadier hit SFX changed from bell to boom, Casket monster, Skel, Fallen, Bee and Snail SFX added
-Steel, Wood and Leather Shields added
-Flame SFX added
-Xmas gift, Manabug, Vicious Squirrel, Christmas Tree, Snowman Boss, Snowman, Crystal Spider, Crystal Golem, Black Crystal Golem added
-Terranite SFX added
-Dart and ingrav particles added
-Magic and punch SFX added, quest and skill-up SFX changes
-Spell cooldowns added
-Guardian/tyrant, frillyar and kaflosh status symbols added
-Cursed, silver and thorn arrow added
-Imperial bow, naftalin and dragon sword added
-Pyramids and Griffen added
-@mobinfo cmd added
-Bifs added
-@dailypoints added
-Dark Talisman item sprite added
-Chat/disconnect exploit fixed
-Crit def added
-Max drops raised to 10
-Storage max items increased to 500
-Lum and inma SFX added
-Micksha's altered GY tilesets applied
-Fallen gets a dagge
-Skel-types and Mana Ghost SFX added
-Pollet SFX added
-All pirates get SFX
-Reapers, Scythe and Ball Lightning get SFX
-Slimes and mothers, Luvia, Tormenta, Doomsday mobs and Floyd get SFX
-Upmarmu punches get new SFX
-Firetrail effect added
-Book of Floyd item sprite added
-Crypt bosses wear proper hats
-Witch hats are like Wizard hats
-Music additions to Crypt, Moor, Candor and Sewers),
-Dark Helm gains HP recovery bonus
-Corsair Hat added/fixed
-Soul Menhir/death spawn changes
-Emo and Mont Blanc added
-Mods support added
-New Pink Flower hunting areas added
-Crypt boss drops all become 1 in 2000 chances
-Barbarians.ogg(Kazai maps) and Sirens.ogg added
-More alchemy recipes and hints added
-Crazy Rum and shipwreck added
-Some weight and range changes to weapons and mobs
-Weapon levels added/fixed
-Dmg/level changes to some weapons
-Imperial Bow SFX added
-Gun miss ricochets added
-Weapon type/base attack delay changes/corrections
-Con pots no longer work for magic, but betsanc no longer hurts delay
-Asorm/betsanc/plugh fixes
-Terogan chamber exploit/death changes to the middle of room
-Savior Armor cape becomes dyable
-Monster point additions/changes
-Graduation Hat gets +1 int added
-Stranger returns empty bottles now
-Imperial Bow fixed to be a no-bow item
-Magic attack pot added
-Single player can now jump to swamp from Terogan
-Crypt expansion and mob changes
-Asorm lasts longer, dark shroom spawns are better but more costly
-Walk speed limitation removed from Beheader and Underworld Mask bonuses applied to Book of Floyd
-Snail trails reworked
-Blossom's petal shop quest added
-Zombies get blood trail effect
-Xmas chamber fixes/visuals/improvements
Xmas dailies corrections
-Phylactery changes
-Rotter, Rots and effects added
-Some daily point and associated mob changes
-Some mobs get associated hat/item as a rare drop; Spiky and Evil Mushrooms, Fire and Poison Skulls, Zombie, Nutcracker, Moonshroom, Mouboo, -Drunken/Lady and Tipsy Skeletons, Floyd, Emo, Rotter),
-Doomsday battle re-added/changed
-Crozenite, gold and bromenal items added


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