April fools day summary (post factum)

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April fools day summary (post factum)

Post by Hello=) »

Little follow up summary on April 1 jokes. This event was NOT announced by team. This is intentional, to avoid SPOILERS.

What I know of any jokes/"bugs"/anomalies/weird things that took place on Apr 1 (list can be incomplete):

    • Ledmitz decided to do cool prank, making players invisible, except their gear. No, it wasn't bug! And it worked like charm - being one of most funny software glitches/jokes spotted around world during Apr 1. Sorry everyone affected! Just relog and re-download resources, "bug" will go away!
    • x2 exp been active during Razha's runs right before 0:00 servertime Apr 1. To do it Apr 1 spirit it never been formally shut down. Instead Ledmitz got fun idea to very gradually reduce it to 100% in small steps by timed script. Seems it took some players long time to notice there's some catch. As side effect it kept them on server much longer than usually.
    • Few smaller jokes were around. Ever met GM Tree? Proven to be persuading piece of scenery. Strange rotter that can't be attacked? Or pacifist flying scythes roaming city - only to scare and fool people without killing them?
    • Hopefully people remember that there's some relatively unknown "spell" #python - which works once a year for anyone, though just once to limit amount of chaos on server.
    • There was plenty of Easter Fluffies on server. Possibly some few still hide somewhere in big world. They drop rare colored easter eggs. These only appear during Easter - and aren't joke. They're part of Easter. Its just some sort of timing coincidence.

Either way, if you're scared about "transparency bugs": relog/redownload resources and "bug" will go away. It only lasted 24 hours and wasn't "bug". Just very intense DEV joke.

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Re: April fools day summary (post factum)

Post by Ledmitz »

Here's a few shots from Fool's Day where the human-like characters were invisible:

foolday.png (108.11 KiB) Viewed 277 times
Screenshot_2024-03-31_22-16-01.png (87.41 KiB) Viewed 277 times
Screenshot_2024-03-31_22-13-52.png (21.88 KiB) Viewed 277 times
Screenshot_2024-03-31_22-11-40.png (172.02 KiB) Viewed 277 times

Hope eveyone had fun. :)

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