The IRC issue

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The IRC issue

Post by Neon »

Hello there :D

I joined you guys less then a week ago...I was exploring the /usr/ports/games directory when i found tmw.It is my first 2D mmo,and its great :P
I play mmos for like 6 Years now,most the time i spend with Lineage 2 (started @ DeviantRealms),also tryed EVE and few other free mmos.

It is common for evry game comunity to provide an IRC-channel for its user,it is common sence.
Now IRC is funny place,there always individuals who loves to mess around .And it doesnt matter in wich IRC network u are,if u have a popular channel,it gets attacked no matter what u do.
Now i witnessed today 2 flood attempts(both times using clones),and from what i hear this is evryday issue.I also found some posts here on the forum suggesting to change the IRC network.

Id like to suggest u using an eggdrop (irc-bot,written in C ),or eaven 2 or 3 of them.
Those things can be extreemly useful,and can do preaty much evrything u can imagine on IRC,aslog they have the prooper rights (and tcl scripts ) to do so,and doing it much faster then an channel-OP.
Eggdrop with decent TCL`s can keep the order in any channel,aslong it is hosted on good host(eggdrop are getting attacked too.In general,if the bot is hosted on good host,evrything is fine).

Now im a totaly new guy (yus,im a guy :mrgreen: ) here.I just wanna suggest one way to fix one Problem.

Pls sry my english :)
Brice de Nice

Re: The IRC issue

Post by Brice de Nice »

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Re: The IRC issue

Post by Kage »

We now have a new IRC server, which people seem to think will mean we will have less spamming and clone bots (though I am still skeptical)
<Kage_Jittai> ... are you saying I am elite :D
<thorbjorn> Yes. :P
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