How to use Tiled

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Re: How to use Tiled

Post by enchilado » 22 Mar 2010, 03:23

Ugh, ignore me. It was only just now when I tested it again, and this time thought about multiplying by 32, that I realised if you do that to zero you get zero, which is at the start of the zero tile, and then I thought about one and two and realised it was the same for all tiles. I was thinking the whole time that you count one tile - end of the 0 tile; count another - end of the 0 tile and so one. But you're not. You're at the beginning.

I'm so dumb. What was I thinking, arguing with someone who's actually done this stuff before? They other day I was on a forum - the smallest I've ever seen, actually - for a brilliant series of books, and on one thread - that had thirty replies and was two years old and was the longest thread on the forum - that was discussing a theory, I said I disagreed with the previous poster's ideas and so on, then I realised about five minutes later that he was the author of the books. Luckily I edited before anyone saw, although since it gets about one post a month I don't think I needed to have been worried about that.
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Re: How to use Tiled

Post by lien » 22 Mar 2010, 16:39

Warp Points
Monster Spawn Points
you forgot something ..... Particle effect !

so name = url to the effect

Code: Select all

and for the type

Code: Select all

you don't need anything for the "property name" and property value"

I hope this can help you

Lien ...
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