Presentation of xmas maps

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Presentation of xmas maps

Post by Bear » 18 Dec 2005, 09:41

Implementation of christmas maps:

Well, going from desert to Snow is a bit fast... so i thought of a way to present the maps.

By going through a transportation device, you can travel to a different part of the The Mana World. And with this, you can build off of the snow maps to create the ice continents and such.

Gives a little flexability to the whole world creation.

Also i was thinking of some monsters you might wanna try for the xmas/snow area.
Underground Mole
Killer Candy Canes!
Head of Snowman
Mutant Snowman @.@
Ice Fairie
Blue Jelly
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Post by Matt » 18 Dec 2005, 09:58

Well we arent going from desert to snow ;)
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