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Re: Heaven

Post by noelleionscowl » 03 Nov 2010, 22:30

That's not exactly easy for lower levels.
I'm not saying don't use it, I'm saying that there should be a very small reward if you do so. Or you can choose not to.
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Re: Heaven

Post by Arphetic » 05 Nov 2010, 01:10

noelleionscowl wrote:Hm.... interesting idea.
I don't like the thought of having to complete a quest every time I die... maybe there should be a reward? Of some form? That can only be obtained once per day, to prevent blatant overuse. And after that you just respawn?

Maybe killing certain monsters could decide where you went?

Good idea, though.
Reward dying?
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Re: Heaven & Hell

Post by chaslinux » 07 Nov 2010, 10:51

Years ago I wrote a text adventure in which if you did something particularly bad and died you went to hell. Once in hell you had to do a series of quests to get out. In hell there were a series of planes (levels not airplanes) with different monster-like obstacles. (I didn't base things on the seven sins but someone could).

Maybe a few levels of heaven where characters can work themselves towards some archangel who sends them back.

At first they do quests for some minor angel, and maybe that angel is a little bit loopy, but because the character's intention is good, the next angel grants them another quest. But if they're bad they either have to do the quest a dozen more times or get banished you know where (but I think development in tandem of H&H would be difficult).

Just tossing out ideas.
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Re: Heaven

Post by Crush » 07 Nov 2010, 13:10

Keep in mind that players die quite frequently and when they do they want to get back into the "real" game as quickly as possible.
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Re: Heaven

Post by Lt. KLAG [24th.KDF] » 07 Nov 2010, 14:09

Katze wrote:That's exactly what Kage did, actually - just without DIFFERENT clouds.
But it does not at all look like "Heaven" or at least not like what I intended it to be...
Not aimed at being overly "heavy" about it, but ... can some people here understand those specific "Heaven" views to be insulting towards believers in Vikings' Walhalla, Buddhists' Nirvāna or other NIHIL Concepts ???
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Re: Heaven

Post by Chicka-Maria » 07 Nov 2010, 18:56

Crush wrote:Keep in mind that players die quite frequently and when they do they want to get back into the "real" game as quickly as possible.
esspecially if their fighting a reaper, jack-o or at a spawn party. it would be a pain in the butt if you ended up somewhere every single time you died. People want to go back to what they were doing as quick as they can before its over.
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Re: Heaven

Post by Reid » 07 Nov 2010, 21:20

lag in the city is enought a hell for respawn ^^ and chicka is right, if we fight in candor, spawn party or everything like that will kill the gameplay(that dont really need it yet..) but heaven can be a good idea for an other thing, need to keep this idea.
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Re: Heaven

Post by argul » 07 Nov 2010, 22:08

Hey, in some time we can introduce the resurrect spell
(which in fact warps the players out of heaven to the caster...)
then we really need such a big heaven with different levels.
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